Back from scan!

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Back from scan!

And what a relief!

When she first looked with the abdominal scan probe she said "hmmmmm there is a very early pregnancy sac but I can't see anything else, are you sure you arent earlier?" I knew I am definately 6w 3d (give or take a day or so) so that really scared me!!!
She told me to go empty my bladder and then done an internal scan, baby popped up straight away!
Was just too early too see abdominally and my uterus is retroverted so that makes it harder.

Baby has a lovely healthy hb of 105bpm and I am measuring 6w1d, although I still think I'm 6w3d. When I had an early scan with Bethany at 6 weeks she measured 2 days behind and had caught up by the next scan! I know it's only 2 days but every day counts lol!

So relieved going to try and relax now!

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Yay for a healthy scan!

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Well hello there little peanut!!!!! Happy for your healthy scan.

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Yay!!! Awesome so happy and love the pics.

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Awww. Look at that wittle peanut!!! So cute. Congrats, Anngie.

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Love the pics!! So happy for you!!

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Yay for a good scan!