Cannot. Stop. Scratching!

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Cannot. Stop. Scratching!

Oh for the love of God, I am itching all over. I honestly think clawing my skin off would be a blessing at this point. I have no rash, I haven't been exposed to anything. I'm assuming it's just dry skin. Holy cow, it's all over. Even my scalp is driving me nuts. And of course it's mostly in places I can't reach (middle of my back, etc). Anyone else itchy? :WTF:

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Yes I do but it happens every winter. But my scalp is really bad way worse then normal. I was wondering if it was from the pregnancy. I don't know much about it.

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nothing more then usual here.

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My boobs have been itchy but that's about it. They're actually getting a little fuller with this pregnancy so I chalk it up to that.