Dipping my toes in...

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Dipping my toes in...

Hello! I think I just might be in here. I've gotten 2 faint positives on frers but still waiting on a positive digi (please tell me someone else has gotten positive regular tests but negative digis!) I'm about 12dpo and would be due near the end of September Smile

Anyway, I'm Kristen and this will be my...gulp...4th. My others are 9, 6 and 3. Apparently I have a 3 year thing for getting pregnant Wink this will be our last!

So yeah....hi!!!!! And praying for sticky babies for all ❤️

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Hi and welcome, and congratulations!

Mine is also number four Smile

And I have heard of lot of women getting negs on the digi after positives on regular tests so I wouldn't worry about that at all!

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Thanks Smile and congrats to you too!!!

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Yep...I wouldn't worry about it. Those are pretty clear positives! Congratulations! :kaos10:

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Congrates and welcome.

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Hello and congrats!

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Congratulations and welcome... I too am having my 4th. My kids are 17, 13 and 8.

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Wow congrats!!
Happy healthy 9mths!!!

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Welcome! I'm also on number 4! Biggrin Mine are 6, 4, & 2.5. I'm due at the end of the month as well.

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Congrats and HH9Ms!!!!

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Thank you all so much! I did finally get a digi on 13dpo. First appt is Monday!!!!

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Congrats and welcome to September! I don't know how you ladies do it. I'm freaking out about having 2, much less any more than that. Hahaha.