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I got two BFPs a good one this morning. I will call my doctor to confirme. I hope I get to stay here. I think I would be due 9-13. I will just be hiding out here for now. Good luck to all trying or waiting.

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Congratulations. Hope you get to stay as well.

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So exciting!!!!!

That's great news
Best luck at appt

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Overjoyed!! Everything crossed xx

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congratulations! HH9M to you!

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Thank you ladies!! I call my doctors office and go in after work on Monday. We are very surprised but very happy as we were getting ready to go see a RE. We are not telling anyone anything yet. I didn't think I would ever see two lines again. I still have a couple tests so I'm sure I will use them up. Lol I'm very scared with everything I have gone through. I might be on here more then I thought.

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Congrats Smile