Retroplacental hematoma, chorioamniotic separation, short cervix

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Retroplacental hematoma, chorioamniotic separation, short cervix

I was diagnosed with a subchronic hematoma early in my pregnancy at 5+3 weeks when I stated bleeding. I had several big bleeds through my first trimester. The hematoma has continued to grow throughout my pregnancy......

APRIL 18th scan: Cervical length was only measuring 2.5 cm it should be 3-5 cm I also have a subchronic hematoma which is measuring 8.5cm x 6 cm. Hematoma is under baby and sac and just ontop of my cervix. Next to the placenta, but not causing it to detach. 16+5 WEEKS......

MAY 1st scan: Hematoma has grown to 8.5 cm x 8.7 cm the hematoma is pushing its way under in placenta:/ my cervix is down to 2.2 cm and now I'm going to the perinatologist weekly. 18 WEEKS 4 da......

MAY 7th 19+2 weeks after 4 days of rusty red bleeding and passing strawberry sized clots. It was found on my ultrasound There are two layers to the sac, the amino sac surrounds the baby abd the chorion sac is around the amino sac. The hematoma torn a big hole in my chorion sac and the blood is between the two layers. So now there is a separation of the chorion and anmion layers which is called CHORIOAMNIOTIC SEPARATION......

And the hematoma is 11 cm x 8 cm and now behind the placenta making it a retroplacental hematoma. There is blood in the sac with baby as well. I am on bed rest until I deliver......

MAY 16th The hematoma has slightly grow AGAIN, sigh. But little man is 13 oz @ 20+5 weeks!!!! He's growing right on track! He did have a few heart decels during the scan:( But other then that everything looks good/the same.......

MAY 27th 22+2 weeks hematomas are the same size. They found debris in the sac with baby. They said they're gonna give me steroids at 23-24 weeks which I was shocked to hear and I asked why. She said it's not looking like I'll make it into my 3rd trimester. Said she'd rather give them before it was too late. So when I get them if I don't have him within 10 days I'll have to have another round. They said basically they don't know how much further we're going to make it, but expect us to deliver at anytime... And are saying there's no way we'll make it to term, much less the 3rd trimester. And I'm thinking you're not God. You don't know! I'm not asking them to sugar coat it, but they don't have to be so insensitive and lack optimism.

I am 22+3 weeks I have a retroplacental hematoma 11 cm x 8 cm, Chorioamniotic separation, a short cervix, debris and blood in the sac with baby. The Drs have been very doubtful that we'd make it this far and are even more doubtful we"'ll make it into the 3rd trimester. They're wanting to give me steroids at 24 weeks. They normally do not give them to you unless they expect you to deliver within 10 days because there effectiveness wears off and you'll need another round. So I'm at risk for PPROM, hemorrhaging, placenta abruption, and IUGR.

If they're so worried and doubt we'll make it then why are they not admitting me??? I did get a referral to get a second opinion. Just waiting on the call to make my appt.

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Prayers for a long pregnancy and a healthy babe!