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roll call

I'm trying to get a list of ladies due this month. Maybe we all don't get on much but I feel like there isn't many of us here. So why not get the names and EDD out there on one thread.

I'm Carin and EDD is 9-14-14.

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Angela and EDD 15 Sept Smile

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Terra EDD 9/13

(I will check in here but it is so quiet that I am participating in another more active board too.)

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Katie EDD 9/24 -- I was due 11/24 with my second son and had him 12/2 so I won't be shocked if I make it to October Wink

It is quiet here!

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Heather - EDD 9/22. I don't get on very often. :/

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I have been lurking here so far ... My name is Jenna and I am due with my third baby on 09/28 but I am sure I will go into October Smile

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Lisa EDD 9-25(ish)

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Justine... Edd is 9/10

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HELLO and congrats to all!!!!! Looks like we are spread out. It is very slow here and I'm expecting my first so would love to get to know you all but think I might find a more active board unless this one picks up soon. I hope it does.

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Tara due 9/20

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Michaela due 9/16 Smile

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Baby #3 due 09/27

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Im Kelly, 31, due Sept 30, or Oct 1.. Hi everyone!

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Hi all I'm Lara. Im due Sept. 21