Today was the big day...

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Today was the big day...

So I will start with I was sure it was going to be bad but it was amazing. We have a little one in there with a HB of 170!!!! as soon as I saw the flicker I was in tears. Now we have to make it to 13 weeks then we will start to tell more people. I'm in shock still with not having to strong of symptoms but I'm so happy I can't stop smiling. I don't know how to put a pic on here or I would. Now off to read and catch up on the rest of you.

Hope everyone is doing great!!!!!

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Yay for a strong heartbeat!!!!

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Wonderful news, I knew you'd be ok Yahoo

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YAY!!!!!!! Smile SO happy for you.

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Wonderful! Smile

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Congrats!! Smile

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Great news! You are having a girl with that high heart beat!! Wink

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Over joyed carin!!!!!!
Congratulations!!! Xxx

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Thanks Liz!!! I go for another u/s on Thursday. Praying everything is good. I get to see the high risk doctor.