Work or stay home?

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Work or stay home?

For those who work out of home, has it ever come across your mind of being a sahm? And not going back? Or waiting?
Or is this something that will happen and carry on like your last child? Or is it different now because your trying or prego with #2 or +++
I keep feeling that because it's taking so long, I would want to stay home, but on the other hand it's not an option financially.
I've come to terms with that.

Childcare would that change for any of you?

I feel like we will be fine. Actually I know we will be Wink just curious to know if anyone has thought about it:)

DH and I both work outside of our home and let me clarify just so no one takes this post the wrong way, being a stay at home mom or dad is by far just as busy as any outside job and you guys are amazing for being able to do that!!!

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Well with DS I worked full time outside of the home. When DD came into the picture it was crazy expensive to do full time daycare for two kids, so my boss let me work from home two days a week and they have daycare three days. That is currently what I'm doing. However, it's extremely stressful and our family is just so stressed doing things this way. So, the plan is to work until June and then be a SAHM for a couple years at least. DS starts Kindergarten in the fall and it's half day so I can't imaging having to get him to and from still working. Hopefully baby #3 actually happens and I'm able to stay home with that baby full time. If that happens I'll have done all three (work outside the home, work from home, and stay at home mom). At the current moment the hardest is working from home. I might change my mind when I become a SAHM! Wink LOL

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Such a hard decision, but I'm glad you got to experience all of them well close to it

Our childcare is fairly reasonable so #3 won't break us anymore.

Being a Sahm is a lot of work, everything has its pros and cons :s
We can only hope we're making the 'right' decision :d

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We have done it many different ways Smile When we had DS #1 I stayed home for about 8 months when the job I left approached me to come back to a 3 days a week schedule. I agreed and then from 8 months until DS #2 was about 8 months old I worked 3 days a week, DH worked full time. Then I went back full time and for about a year we both worked full time. Then I got recruited for a position I was interested in and in October we relocated, DH has been home the last 3 months with both boys since we are in a new location. DH just started interviewing and we will probably return to being a dual FT working family. If we have a #3 I think we will probably look at an au pair or nanny set up b/c we're in a new place and don't have a strong family network here to help us and with both of us working we'd have the resources for that.

I enjoy working. DH actually enjoys staying home much more than I did and he is much better at it. He loves to cook and do fun interactive things. Going back to work will be hard for him and he is torn. We debated just keeping him home for a few years and depending on what he finds job wise (he had 2 interviews last week and a second interview this coming week for a job that would be 90% work from home, the kids would still need daycare/preschool/nanny though).

From the employed person's standpoint life is SO much easier with DH home. No drop off, no pick up, no worries over sick kids or holidays that don't align. Except living on 1 salary vs 2 it is very nice.

Every family does it their own way, I'm a firm believer whatever is best is whatever makes everyone the happiest so that they can engage in a happy family day to day Smile

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Well said Biggrin

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I would love to be a SAHM. Although I love my job. I work only 3 days a week but they are 12 shifts and I get to deliver babies everyday. We bought a new house 2 years ago now I don't have a choice and need to work. My work doesn't offer part time, so I am stuck working full time. My MD did say he would let me off work whenever I wanted. So maybe I could have half of summer and not go back till the end of Feb.

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I have worked full time outside the home the whole time. There is no way I couldn't. First - I make about 4x what DH does. Second - I do not have the right personality to be a SAHM. I thought I wanted to be a SAHM before I had kids LOL! But I also love what I do, so that does make a huge difference. I work overnight every weekend (F,S,Sun) & DH works days during the week - so we don't have to pay for childcare. If we did, DH would have to stay home with the kids because there is no way under the sun that we could afford it. Plus DH is definitely more cut out to be a stay at home parent. Biggrin I don't get much sleep on Mondays, so that's a bit rough - but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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I stayed at home with DD until she went to preschool. I'm not sure how we are going to do it with this little one. We are moving across the country the month before the baby is due so I doubt anyone will want to hire an 8 month pregnant lady. I'll probably stay at home for a little while then go to work unless I find something I can do from home. Until the baby goes to preK too. We definitely need two salaries though so I'll have to do something. Stupid student loan bills. Hahaha

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I have been doing both! Working from home with the 18month old. Not gonna happen with 2 in the home....the nanny shopping will commence. There is no no no no way we can go without my salary without selling some things we don't want to. Like our house! lol