First Ultrasound

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First Ultrasound

Had my first ultrasound this week. Measuring right on with my LMP, which is great. Heartbeat was 133 and everything seems good.

Dr asked me to come back in 1-2 weeks for another scan. I've never had a second early u/s but i assume it's bc he's an RE and used to high risk pg? Anyways, I'm happy to have another one and will go at 8 weeks.
I was also happy to learn that there is only one baby in there - because we used Femera, but I didn't go back for cycle monitoring I had no idea how many eggs I produced!

Anyways, feeling exhausted (ie regular early afternoon nap, bedtime at 9pm) and almost constant nausea (m&m's help with that!).

Hope all is well with everyone Smile

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Excellent news! I know it is so reassuring to see your little one and to hear the hb so strong! I'm not sure on the 'why' for the 2nd u/s but would guess your theory is right for him wanting to check in again. As you shared, it will nice to see him or her again so soon! Biggrin

The exhaustion was what left me dragging during the first trimester. Battling nausea with M & M's is different -- but if it works, awesome! I remember being grateful for ANYTHING at all to stay down. LOL

Love the good news! Hope the nausea phase passes soon for you!

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(I just saw your response to my PM today! Congratulations!!)

My RE did weekly u/s until around 10 weeks (My first RE wouldn't do one until after 7 weeks, but they also did another one after that before the screening u/s) - I think they just like to keep an eye on things - it was certainly reassuring for me!

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Yay! That's great news per your first u/s results. Smile

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