Annnnd my first gripe

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Annnnd my first gripe

I have an older (maybe 2 years old??) sewing machine. It's nothing elaborate...I just use this one for simple stitching. So anyway, I'm sewing Christmas stockings and just minding my own business...WHAM! The bobbin flies out! It has a front loading bobbin (if that makes sense) instead of the top loaders I was taught on when I was little. So, I get out the manual because I had a brain fart and forgot how the whole casing sets back in there. I can't find the manual. I look everywhere...still can't find it. So, you can get EVERYTHING online right? WRONG! Brother doesn't carry the online manual for my machine anymore, and the sites that do have it want like 15 bucks to either have it sent to me or download it. PFFFTTT! I'm not paying 15 bucks for the manual..I think I got it on sale for 99! So I'm a gonna keep on looking or fidget with it until I can get it right. Duct tape works wonders for everything, right? Wink

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duct tape, bailing twine and wire! Wink don't ya know it?

my lil machine was really having fits, and dh finally relented and let me get a new one....he was tired of the cussing, watchign me pull seams and then I finally stopped most of my sewing....that did it for him, he thinks he knows how much I have spent on fabric :nono: and doesn't want it going to waste! :woohoo: and right after 2 Christmas' ago I splurged and got an "embriodery" thing....more of a toy then anything, and DEF not the really spendy 1k ones.....and I got a great deal on like a charm (I finally fired it up :doh: )

GOOD LUCK....have you tried watching the paper for a better one? or Ebay? I know things are tight, but if you are going to make a business, you might want to look into it!