Any cross-stitchers around?

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Any cross-stitchers around?

Just wondering if there were any around?

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:wavehello: I like to cross-stitch... when I have time Smile Haven't done any for a bit though.

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I'm currently cross stitching an Eeyore in all 4 seasons. I'm loving it so far.

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I love to cross stitch but I haven't had the time lately with 3 kids and another on the way. I'm doing great to get the dinner on the table and dishes done..... some day soon though

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I love to cross-stitch, but only the stamped kind! Lol I am looking for a cute stamped cross-stitch stocking kit for DD for this Christmas.

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Cross stitching maniac here. Blum 3

Here's what I am currently working on...

And.. for anyone who's wondering what that is supposed to be, I copy and pasted what part I have done onto the picture I am stitching.

I've been working on it for two months now. I only get time to do it when DD is sleeping - otherwise, she rearranges my threads for me and steals my scissors. :help1: Wink

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my gosh, Ashley. That is amazing. I've never been successful with a x stitch more than a 5 x 7... I tried an 8x10 and it never got done. You must be sooooo patient!

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I do cross-stitch, as well as lots of other types of hand embroidery. Time is limited now to when both the boys are asleep at night, so the projects are moving very slowly.

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I do some cross stitching as well i am not the best at it and it takes me a long time but i do really enjoy it