a baby dress :)

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a baby dress :)

the dress/outfit that i made my sister for her baby due in may. Smile I think it turned out really good, but I didnt' get good pictures of it--I'm sad about that! Its about a 3-6 month size. I tried it on weston--dh was not thrilled with that--and it fit, but a little snug. I just adapted a pattern I had already for girls dresses 3-6 years size.

Dress front view

Dress back view:

Shoes (blurry Sad )

Whole outfit, dress, diaper cover/bloomers whatever its called, shoes and headband:

Next project, dd's easter dress!

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It's just so cute I have to reply again ;). Your niece will look just adorable. You will definitely have to get a pic of her in the whole outfit and show us.

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Aw!!! that's such a cute set!!!

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That is so cute! Hopefully someday I'll actually learn how to do something on my sewing machine other than sew a straight line! Haha. Your neice is going to look absolutley adorble in it.

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that's so cute! I love the coordinating bloomers and shoes - what a lucky baby to have such a cute little outfit Smile I'm sure she'll look great in it!