Can I join you all?

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Can I join you all?

Hi everyone! :wavehello: I have been a long time member of and have recently started sewing. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have gone crazy with sewing ever since. I am completely addicted and can't stop buying fabric. I am learning more and more with every project I complete, but I'm always looking for tips and pointers!

Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my recent completed projects. Biggrin

a bubble romper for my 10 month old

a twirl skort for my 3 yr old

a pencil roll for a little girl who just turned 2

a self-drafted skirt for myself

a twirly skirt for my 3 yr old.

Biggrin Anyway, this looks like a great board!

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Ooh! Liz! I love those skirts! (And your shoes too!) Smile

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oh there's "sew" many Wink cute things you can make for little girls snucker snucker-

looks like they are enjoying everything!


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Hi there,

I'm new on here too! I am usually on the adoption board, we are waiting on a little one. Biggrin I love to sew. I was wondering where you found the pattern for the romper in the top pic. I have a pattern like that, its called a taylor bubble but it has the straps. I'm looking for a pattern with the ribbon ties like that. Thanks in advance!

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I love that twirly skirt for Willow! How cute! I may just have to try something like that.

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I'm so jealous that you have girls! I would LOVE to make fun little outfits - but the stuff for boys just isn't as fun to make! My next baby needs to be a girl....