Discovery cube

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Discovery cube

This is the toy that I made for Bowen. Sarasunshine suggested that I share this over here. Maybe it will inspire someone.


Here are the "directions." Hopefully you can understand my rambling. So, all I did was choose 6 different materials (cubes have 6 sides, yes?) with bold patterns and some with textures. The red side is actually a layer of red mesh over red material. I went to the fabric store and got a few fat quarters, but I had to have them cut a couple of pieces. I actually have enough material left over to make a cool pillow or something. Anyway, there is some felt, some velvety material with bumps and then the mesh side for texture and the other three sides are just cotton material with bold patterns. I wanted to make a 6” cube so I cut out 6 - 6 1/2” squares of material and then sewed them together, leaving one edge unsewn so that I could stuff it. 6 ½” only leaves a ¼” margin all around, so I would probably make them 7” squares and have a half inch all around. Oh, and I bought a jingly bell at the craft store for the middle. I suppose you could also get some cellophane to use to make one side crinkly. Anyway, the stuffing was the hard part. I stuffed it with poly-fill, but it ended up looking blobby and roundish, so I got some 1” thick foam and cut out some squares to provide support for the sides, which was way more complicated than I thought it would be. I cut a 4” x 24” strip and scored it every 6” so that it folded into a square tube. Then I used two 6” square pieces for each end. I so wish I could draw you a picture. I’m probably making it way more complicated than I need to. So, anyway, I put one large square of foam in first, then supported the sides with the square tube, then I put in some poly-fill and then the jingly bell and then more poly-fill, then topped it off with the other 6” square. Then I sewed up the open side and voila! Discovery cube! Actually, I cheated and had my mom sew the squares together ‘cause she has a better sewing machine and can actually sew in a straight line, but I did all the rest myself. My mom says the hardest part is the corners of the square. They’re not perfect, but who’s gonna complain?

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I think that this is great and I'm trying to make time to make one for Leo and my friend who just had a baby!

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Neat project! You could also knit or crochet one side, maybe even with angora or something very soft and fuzzy or curly. I'd love to look for fabric for one of those!

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That is very cool! TFS!

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Very nice!