Do you make your own skirts/dresses?

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Do you make your own skirts/dresses?

If you do, can you post pictures? I want to be able to sew my own so i am teaching myself. Do you use a dressform or just general measurements?

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I've made both, and just used a pattern and my measurements. My mom is pretty good at helping me pin and alter it after it's made if I need help. I know you can make yourself a dress form with a men's white undershirt and duct tape - if you have a friend to help you Smile Just put the white t on yourself, and start wrapping! Once you're mummified... very very carefully cut up the back of the tshirt and when it's off you, tape it back together and stuff with newspaper. I've never done it - but it sounds like fun Lol
If you are unsure about the dress or skirt - I'd start with a skirt. I always have trouble finishing the bodice of the dress without my mother's help. (Plus I HATE putting in sleeves! There always seems to be puckering and I hate that). I don't really have any pics because I haven't made myself anything in so long! Lol I guess I've made theatrical costumes, but I'd have to dig for some pics of those Smile

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I have made a few over the years. Skirts are easiest, especially if it's an elastic waisted skirt... you can just cut the elastic the size needed LOL I mainly sew for dd... the only adjustments I've done though is to occasionally make the skirt longer on a dress or make the seam allowance a little bigger or smaller. I have no clue how to "adjust" properly LOL