Finding fun fabric?

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Finding fun fabric?

I thought I would try here but this doesn't seem like a terribly busy board.

I am starting to sew alot more now and I realize that one of the things that has been hindering me is the lack of neat fabric in the fabric stores. They have a variety but I am interested in retro print fabric and other unique prints and materials. Does anyone know where I could go or what a could use to search the internet? I am in Atlanta so if anyone knows some place around here, that would be great. I hope some one can help me but I feel my quest is useless. Thanks.

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You can try here:

This is a fabric search option.

Also you might want to try this store:

good luck

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alas, yes this board is very quiet! there are several stores online you can go to if you don't mind online shopping...stores like Walmart, Fabric land, Hancock Fabrics all have some good bolts as might want to start by finding a friend that sews locally or a quilting guild, but for really neat retro stuff your best bet is online, have you tried ebay?

sorry it has taken me so long to log on bad...if you want me to do a search for you let me know specifically WHAT kinds of fabrics you are looking for and I will see what I can find! good luck

what are you sewing?

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I've bought some cute stuff at IKEA. Not necessarily retro, but some really fun things....