Free Hooter Hider Pattern

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Free Hooter Hider Pattern


I'm no sewing expert but I want to try to make a hooter hider by this pattern.
Does anyone have any tips?
Hope you all enjoy the pattern!

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I used that pattern when I was pregnant with my son. A few things, I picked a cheap, comfortable fabric to line the inside with, it was super eady and I think it's more comfortable that way, I would imagine it could be quite flimsy otherwise.
Boning- I thought I got the sturdiest boning at Joannes but I sure hope it isn't cause I definitely wish it was more stiff. I find mine doesn't do the intended job of having an opening I can see down unless I'm using one of my hands to move it and look.
And lastly, a pocket! Sew a simple pocket on it, doesn't really matter where, think about where you would prefer it to keep anything you might need in it. I really haven't used my nursing cover as much as I thought I would so I have never used the pocket but I can definitely imagine if I used it often I'd like to have it there, just in case, doesn't hurt anything Wink