Here we go...Halloween!

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Here we go...Halloween!

Alright...I figured once I post this on a public forum I am I already bought the fabric Smile

DD 6yr old: Statue of Liberty
DD 5yr old: Dorothy of Oz (Not to be confused with Dorothy of the Wiggles! She makes sure everyone knows that!)
DD 3yr old: Curious George (that furry fabric is going to make a mess in the house!)
DS 1 1/2 yr old: Peter Pan

I have 3 hours with no kids today. I am going right now to start on Peter Pan.(The easiset one)
I will post pictures when I am done!! My deadline is Oct. 23rd for the school costume parade!!!
Thanks for your support! I might have to post for advice!!

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Can't wait to see them. I have to find my patterns that i bougth for my kids.
Good Luck!

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Wow! You're feeling adventurous, eh?! Can't wait to see it!

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How's it coming? Do you have any progress pictures? Smile