Hi everyone I'm new

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Hi everyone I'm new

Hi ladies! My name is Brittany and I usually frequent the scrapbooking board as well as the frugal living board, and lurk on my july 09 birth board and photography board (i have to join those two lol). But since we've found out we are expecting baby #2 I have been getting urge to sew more so than I already did.

i haven't sewed much in the past few years but would like to make some things for my 2 year old son, the baby on the way and our new home (since we are house hunting right now).

Are there any projects that you can suggest both easy and intermediate? Really I'd love any suggestions and any links to patterns or anyything else.

Also where are the cheapest places to get quality fabrics etc. Is walmart okay?

Thanks for any feedback and I look forward to chatting with you ladies more

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Hi there Brittany, congrats on #2!!

I don't have a lot of money, so I buy discounted remnants at wal-mart and joanns any time I go there.

I am also kinda new at this so maybe some of the other sewing mama's could lead you to some good projects.

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Welcome, Brittany!!

I buy a lot of my practice materials at Walmart or the discount/red tag sale at JoAnn's, like PP said. I have found that diapers are pretty easy to sew. You can always start out with something basic like cloth wipes, or birth cloths or blankets. Smile

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I use lots of 40% off coupons at Joanns Smile That's how I gather most of my fabrics lol

And I agree, there are lots of easy projects to start on.

Here's a link I've been using recently for soft baby shoes like robeez....and you don't even have to use leather for the bottom.


Have fun sewing!

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Hey there, and welcome!! Congrats to you on #2!!

I'd suggest a taggie blanket. It's what I made my first go round with sewing, and you can get some pretty gender neutral colors. They're fun to make and great for playing with.

I'll hunt down the link to the taggie ball and blanket I used...will edit this and get back to you Smile

ETA: Here is the link I was talking about http://www.newconceptions.com/patpdf/TagToyspdf.pdf

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Hi! I am all about elastic waist pajama pants as a project... probably because I wear them all the time (and if they're not perfect, who cares?)

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thanks ladies for all the feedback. im checking out those projects to sew now and hopefully printing out the directions.

If anyone else has any other good projects I'd greatly appreciate them.

Does anyone know if roman shades are easy to sew? My mom said she has a pattern for them but I haven't had the chance to take a look at them yet.

I'm also looking at making a rag quilt for our son and one for the baby. A woman had one in our birthing class for ds and I absolutely loved it. I just have to find a pattern online for one.