Hi i'm new...with a question. :-)

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Hi i'm new...with a question. :-)

Is there any way this can be fixed? This is my baby blanket so it is pushing 30 years old. ALL of the edges are like this. on the top and bottom of the blanket there is about 4-5in of extra fabric but the sides only have an inch or so. the batting on the inside is pretty worn out, along with the edges...as you can see. Any suggestions would be great! I'm a beginner sewer so just plain English would be great. I don't know all the sewing terms yet. Smile TIA

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I don't know. The only thing I can think would be to trim down the wider ends (past the holes/tears in the material) and then put a whole new binding on it (but I can't tell you now because I don't know... I send my quilts to my mother to do the binding :lol:)... the only concern though is if the holes in the fabric are due to age (rather than wear and tear) the original material might not be strong and it might not hold up as long as it would if it were all brand new, kwim?