Just wanted to say hi!!

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Just wanted to say hi!!

I never knew we had a sewing board!!! A friend directed me here after coming across it.

I just recently decided to try sewing. Actually, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision!! LOL while at JoAnn's Fabrics one day they had all their Simplicity patterns on sale, 5 for $5. :shock: So I bought 10 and it was less than 11 bucks. I was so excited!! Smile I got some cute baby outfits, sundresses and things. Tonight I got one all cut out and pinned and everything and will start the sewing tomorrow. My mom gave me a sewing machine since she got a new one and though I have NEVER EVER used one in my life I tried it out tonight and got the hang of it, it is SO FUN!! OK I sound really corny now, I'll stop. But anyway I wanted to say hi and hope I see some people on this board.

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well, welcome to the board! it is very slow around here...but ask and usually someone will try to get back to you sooner or later!

and congratulations on catching the bug! it is ADDICTIVE

and feel free to share pics too!

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It is really slow here but like cindy said we do get back to you. I hope you have fun with your new found addiction. I love to sew. Right now I am sewing a dress for my DD. Good Lock