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Knitting Question (xp)

I'm not sure if this is the best forum, but I'll try!
Okay, knitters. I am making an afghan of knitted squares. I had to pull out a square I was halfway through due to a dog and then child-related mishap (no one was injured). Of course, now my yarn is all kinky from being knitted up in the square for a while. Is it okay to reuse that yarn to start the square again, or should I cut it off and start with fresh yarn? I guess I wonder if the kinks will make it hard to knit carefully and/or affect the smoothness of the square as compared to the others.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not a knitter but my mom crochets. From watching my mom she tears out squares all the time and reuses it. I don't see why you can't do that when you are knitting.

SOrry I am not much more help.


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I also am no knitter, but I do crochet and pull all the drives dh nuts when I have to pull a couple rows (is MY project, I don't understand why it bothers him? it irritated me, but why HIM? KWIM) and I always reused the same thread....if the thread is just kinky from the project is fine to reuse....HOWEVER, if it is kinked from kids/pets and one of the threads is pulled, it should be can wet it down (NOT WOOL) and see if the kinks disappear

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You can hand wash yarn and dry wrapped round a chair back to dry straight but be gentle with it or you have tons of knots... if its clean you can just ball it up so the used bit is in the centre and then by the time you get to it the kinks are gone... i'm always frogging work (rip it rip it, LOL) so i find thats easiest and saves valuble knitting time.. if its pure wool and you need to wash it follow the care instructions on the label and you should be fine!
Good luck

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I am knitting EVERYDAY. I consider myself a know it all on the subject lol.

I take my projects apart all the time.. I do nothing to the yarn even though its kinky and I re knit it.. You can't even tell it was like that once its knitted up again!

Of course I had some bamboo yarn thats kind of flat... that didnt work out to well on it lol

but regular yarn it will