Longarm Quilters?

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Longarm Quilters?

So I've made many quilt tops before, but have not finished anything larger that a small wall hanging because of the task of quilting everything together. AND I lost all my completed tops in a move.

I've started working on a quilt for my son, and am thinking about sending the top out to have it quilted. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendations? There are some quilters that are local and I could drop it off, but I don't know if that really makes a difference.


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I haven't had one done yet, but that is cuz DH doesn't think it is worth the cost. of course, that means my HUGE quilts don't get finished *sigh*
if you can afford it, and you know of a reputable long arm artist I would say go for it. talk with them as to what patterns to use cuz that is always personal preference. they might suggest something you haven't thought of, but don't just drop it off and expect it to be exactly what you want (if that makes sense)

so any idea what happened to them in the move? geez, I would be devastated to loose my quilt tops, I have some I absolutely love! eventually I will save up my pennies and have one done. they are king sized tho, and there is NO WAY I can do them myself w/o a long arm. I asked if I could get a long arm and he laughed at me *grrrrrr*