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Looking for advice

Hi! I'm a total newbie to sewing. I just bought my first sewing machine and have yet to use it. My fantasy is to be able to make clothing for my family Smile I was just wondering what would be a good way to start learning how to use/read a pattern? I have looked at them and they all look like mumbo-jumbo to me :oops:

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Start with something simple. A plain skirt (straight w/ elastic waist) or simple shorts or even just an apron... something like that without buttons/zippers/etc. There are some "sewing for dummies" patterns (I think by Simplicity) out there that fairly easy to understand (I've been sewing off and on for awhile, but that happened to be the one I picked up to make ds's Hallowe'en costume. Just take it slow and once you get going they're really not that mumbo-jumbo-ish Wink Good luck!

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Hey there! I am all about learning by making pajama pants. They're something you can use (or your kids can use) and nobody cares if they don't turn out perfect because only you and the family see them Smile Good luck on your sewing adventures!!

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Try any of the easy sew patterns. They are very simple with pictures. Do you know anyone that sews? Like a family member, friend, or church member. Maybe one of them would be willing to give you a few free lessons. I know if I come across something that stumps me I go to the elder women in my church, they always have the answers.