Need help with fixing tension on my machine

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Need help with fixing tension on my machine

I am seriously working on Jackson's quilt that I'd like to get finished by the end of the week. It's the very first real quilt I've ever made and I chose a raggy quilt because it's a very forgiving type to do and I need a lot of forgiveness when it comes to sewing, kwim?! LOL Anyhoo - I have cut so many squares and rectangles for this thing and I'm ready to start sewing them together again and AAAARRGGH!!! my tension is screwing up on my machine bigtime! I've tried re-threading it, top and bottom, adjusting the tension and it just keeps screwing up. I'm thinking of opening the machine up to see if there is a problem with the tension dial, but I've never opened it up before, so..... :?

The kicker is, dh took Jackson out snowboarding today and I've had the morning all to myself and this is what I wanted to do - FINISH THIS QUILT! So, it really sucks to hit a wall like this.


TIA for any help at all! Biggrin

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um.....depends on what kind of bobbin holder you have...if it has a screw on in you tighten that A LITTLE BIT...your best bet is to go find someone to professionally clean it, and ask him 1000 questions...the older the better (imho)...we have one in Richland that is older than the hills, knows just about everything there is to know, and is a real kick to talk too!

hope you got things figured out, that can be sooooooooo frustrating!

no clue what happened to mine but mine did the same thing, and I had to take it in...still not sure what was wrong with it, but if you don't string it right all the time SOMETIMES it does that!

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SOrry this is late. Have to fixed your problem? What type of thread are you using? THat has a lot to do with it too. This has happened to me too. I hope you are able to fix your problem.