Need help (xp to knitting/crafting)

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Need help (xp to knitting/crafting)

and it sorta goes here.... at least I know all you crafty ladies may have some ideas for me Smile

With halloween coming up, I have 3 requests for costumes. Dd's I can handle easily enough. She wants to be Cinderella.

The boys.... I'm at a loss as to how to accomplish. They've requested "Lightening McQueen" and "Mater" costumes. While they'll be adorable together if I can pull it off... I don't know how to make them, lol. And I can't find any patterns either.

Any ideas??? Helpful links?

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are those the characters from cars? hmmmmm. I'm picturing something, let me see if i can find a pic.....

this is what i was thinking..... a cardboard or thin foam board "car" that sits over their shoulders (like suspenders even...) not sure how else you could do it...


both those pics are from where there are directions too.

This one is cute too... smaller is probably better - and this one is fabric if you're looking to sew something.


A-ha! Look what I found!!! I'm feeling very proud right now....

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Wow, those are some great car costumes.