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This board is kind of slow but I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Mandi, dh is Tony and we have two girls (Cianna, almost 2.5 and Sofia almost 8 months) I've always liked crafty kind of things and am hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas. Anyone have an reccomendations for a sewing machine? We are pretty broke so I was looking at these ones
Do they look okay? Or is this one of those things you just can't cheap out on?
Anyways, I'm really excited to get it. I have high hopes for all the things I'm planning on making with it Lol

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I really like my Kenmore. Its a bit more than what's on your list, but Sears does a good job of backing up their products. Plus, you can get tons of accessories and sewing feet for it. I'm a quilter, and I've used mine to make clothes, quilts, etc.

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to start out find something affordable and go with that. I do like a name like brother, I have a brother embroidery machine from Walmart. the other brand I haven't heard of. when you get more proficient and have more funds, THEN go for a "bigger better badder" machine. I have a whites. I LOVE that thing, is SWEET! now, if I can just get some time ON it, would be nice Biggrin