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Hey ladies! I love all your projects! You all do such a good job! I haven't had time to sew lately and I am going through withdrawl. I do plan on making a new baby sling for myself soon since I am due soon and my other slings are worn out. Anyway, I love looking at all your ideas, and I try to make things that aren't too hard, since I have trouble following certain patterns since I taught myself to sew.

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With the exception of a 7th grade Home Economics class, I taught myself how to sew too. I feel like a total amature but I love sewing. I recently made a Mai Tai that I really like and my DD doesn't mind being carried in. There's a link to my Crafts pics in my "Hello" thread, if you want to see.

Please feel free to post pics of any projects you do. I love looking at other peoples creations!!

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Anna's Mei Tei is pretty cool. Smile I'm a bit jealous of it.. lol

I've been making creations off-pattern. I actually find it less stressful. Wink

You'll have to show us your sling when you're done! I have a lot of friends having babies soon, so I'm thinking of making some slings for them. I just made one friend a nursing cover (super easy) and that turned out well.