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Share you photos of

Your sew corner or how you have things organized.

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My sewing areas are nothing to take a picture of! I have to hide stuff and store it up and away where my 2 yr old can't get into it. I have a big machine in the garage that I have to clear the stuff away from to use. Guess if I used it more often that wouldn't happen!

I need better organization and storage. I keep fabric in a big plastic tub, and also in stacks in a closet. I have a filing cabinet where I put tools and thread and notions and other stuff like that. I'm slowly getting things in their places from being scattered around the house and attic.

btw - I have that same joovy caboose stroller and love it!

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My stuff is all packed away too. There's no place for it to be out all the time in our little house. My sewing machine is in its case, my sewing table folds up, and fabric/patterns/thread are in plastic underbed bins. I guess that's one less thing I have to babyproof, eh?