a wanna be first time quilter needs help!

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a wanna be first time quilter needs help!

I tried many years ago to quilt and made a mess of it. I nevr had the patience to stick it out. Now I am a bit older and more patient (sorta) and would like to try again.

I recently saw a quilt made with pre printed panels. The woman said she bought the panels at Wal Mart as well as the matching material. Anyone have anyidea what I am talking about?

Any how, before I invest in the material and just go into it blind again I was hoping to connect with some(s) who could give me pointers as I go. I looked around the web a bit to see if there were sites for these pre printed pieces but iether I was looking under the wrong thing or there is nothing out there.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much.

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your best bet is to take a beginners class, but if you can't afford it or if there aren't any avail close to you, I am sure between myself and others we can help you out! I got started when my Mom's church had a class and I went with her....had a blast and have been hooked since...

and the preprinted ones are great....after you get that I would suggest something very simple like a rail fence etc...start SMALL too...don't try to tackle anything larger than a lap or baby quilt...TRUST ME...

sorry it has taken me so long to check in on the boards...with the weather cooling off I should have awhile ago!