Mind if I join you ladies?

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Mind if I join you ladies?

Hello harr!!

I'm Kristi, 26 and I have a gorgeous, mischievious almost 3 year old called Leia.

Me and DBF have had a very up and down r/s since day 1 and I often look back now and wish I had left sooner. It is so much harder to just pack up and go when there is a child involved, you try and make it work..... you say it's not just for their sake but really it is and that's sad.

DBF has never been one to allow me to do my own thing, yet he does as he pleases. When it comes to money, mine is ours and his is his. This is one of the main reasons I can't stick it out any longer. I asked him for some money to put petrol in my car.... yes it's my car but he doesn't drive so I have to get DD to nursery and me to work... anyway he kicked off on me. Bare in mind he had sold his push bike the same day and was getting paid the next, yet £20 was a big issue. I realised, I do not want to be with someone as selfish as that.

I'm also 27 in Sept and I think everyday, i do not want to turn 30 and still be in this unhappy relationship. So yea, this all happened last night (this is the icing on the cake iykwim) and we haven't spoke since 8pm last night (it's now 11am) and my decision is made.

I have a question, how do you keep things civil or is that impossible in the early days of a breakup?


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Of course you can join us! I wish it was more active around here Sad

Anyway, it's hard to keep things civil I'm sure, but you both have to just keep all convos on topic... About the kids. Talk about "surface" topics, as I like to call them. The weather, what the kids have been doing, etc. Anything more serious should either be done in email, or when children are asleep.

Good luck with everything!