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  1. Fluff debate about princess books
  2. Spongebob Gravestone
  3. Deaf people not allowed in Apts built for Deaf
  4. fluff - Blinds/curtains/drapes/nothing
  5. Universal basic income
  6. Bathroom themed Restaurant
  7. Money for kidnap victims?
  8. Fluff - American Girl Dolls
  9. "What's Your Excuse?" Offensive...or inspiring?
  10. iPads, iPhones etc
  11. Student suspended for being Designated driver
  12. Walmart shopping spree
  13. Offensive to working moms? or not?
  14. Decreasing Birth rates
  15. Faith based dorm?
  16. Little Miss Hispanic Delaware loses title over racial complaints
  17. 2 Fat Thighs....
  18. Tasteless or Not?
  19. Justified Shooting?
  20. On-line dating based on body type?
  21. OT -- not a debate -- just hilarious
  22. Bikers vs SUV
  23. Congressional pay
  24. Fluff - If a Woman Buys Her Own Engagement Ring...
  25. Shutdown
  26. Harvest Health Challenge - Sign ups going on now!
  27. WWYD? (NAD and personal)
  28. Obamacare is almost here
  29. personal -- I just got laid off
  30. 300 Sandwiches....
  31. Field Trip to a Mosque
  32. Banned Books?
  33. Tattoo ban n the army?
  34. Parents right to be upset?
  35. Football mercy rule
  36. Work for Welfare?
  37. School and nutrition?
  38. School monitoring social media of students
  39. Julie Chen plastic surgery
  40. NAD - Navy Yard Shooting
  41. MMA fighter with Downs unable to compete
  42. Fired for religious beliefs?
  43. Nursing at Formal event
  44. And now, a debate about gay divorce
  45. Mr. Zimmerman gets in trouble with his gun again
  46. 24 hour waiting period for tattoos
  47. florida county bans smokers from new jobs
  48. Mrs Hall and Her Letter to Teenage Girls
  49. Is Hunger "a teaching lesson?"
  50. Right to go to school?
  51. Couple Angry About Expecting Twins
  52. Fat letters?
  53. Ready to ditch your passwords?
  54. Should employees provide their own phones, computers, etc?
  55. Protesters are in the right to call for a judges resignation?
  56. Syria
  57. The funny things your kids say (fluff)
  58. Miley Cyrus VMAs
  59. Man robs bank of $1 to get medical treatment
  60. Charity vs. Microfinance
  61. OT: Jaw extender
  62. Mommy Confessionals ~ Helpful or hurtful?
  63. Hair weave ban in church?
  64. Soccer team switcharoo -- WWYD? update in post #9
  65. Greyhound therapy
  66. Another gunman at a US elementary school.
  67. Graffiti or 1st amendment?
  68. Cloned horses?
  69. Sochi Olympics and Russian anti-gay law
  70. What would you do? Cyber bullying mom.
  71. Bias Media
  72. Sexist music. Okay to like?
  73. Should he get his pet racoon back?
  74. Paparazzi laws
  75. Total Fluff - "Open Concept" Houses vs Traditional Houses
  76. Suing Anti-Vaxxers
  77. NYC Doctors Are Now Prescribing Fruits And Veggies
  78. Sex in a Teenager's Room?
  79. Laws about Baby Names?
  80. Prosthetic legs for a calf?
  81. Single Payer Health insurance
  82. Another round of shouldn't have run from the cops?
  83. Do we judge the childfree?
  84. How much to say? kind of personal
  85. OT - Aaaarrrrrrrgh, I am dying of sleep deprivation
  86. wearing rings (fluff)
  87. Fluff - Do Children Provide Happiness or Misery?
  88. Cloning a Mammoth?
  89. Vaccines/autism
  90. Teen kicked out of camp for kissing
  91. Pay To Stay Prisons
  92. Voting changes
  93. OT - Washington, DC
  94. Is George Zimmerman So "Toxic"
  95. OT - PostPartum Depression
  96. Is Star of David symbol on Holocaust Memorial Appropriate?
  97. Six Flags Park to investigate itself in coaster death
  98. President Obama
  99. HIV executive order
  100. Ending Cumpulsory Education?
  101. Rising oceans?
  102. Woman wants to be Paraplegic
  103. Rolling Stone Puts Dzokhar Tsarnaev on the Cover
  104. Fluff- Countertop (Personal)
  105. Did Trayvon Martin get a fair trial?
  106. Jenny McCarthy new co-host on "The View"
  107. Boy Scouts BMI restrictions
  108. Would you help rape victim?
  109. July 12 - Malala Day
  110. What would Jesus drive?
  111. Chicken Nugget Child abuse?
  112. Praise for pregnant 11 year old (rape and abort mentioned)
  113. personal debate -- saying grace -- FOLLOW UP on original post
  114. Fluff and Also Personal! Is "Cross Your Fingers" Offensive?
  115. XP - Enter your guess in our Royal Baby Watch Pool!
  116. Preparing kids to live independently
  117. Getting married with weeks/months to live
  118. Cooking lessons as a wedding gift
  119. Full-figured woman in a bikini gets kicked out of water park
  120. Obamacare provision postponed
  121. Colin Kaepernick and the Miami Dolphins hat
  122. cut off
  123. Fluff - Two (or more) middle names
  124. Fireworks
  125. Editing posts
  126. Kids and savings accounts and morals, oh my!
  127. Fluff - Print or Cursive
  128. Avert your eyes, Son
  129. Paula Dean
  130. Babson College freshmen sensitivity training
  131. Girl buys water, spends night in jail
  132. School blocks girl from football--boys may have "impure thoughts"
  133. DOMA and Prop 8
  134. Agreeing to life-altering decisions via text message
  135. Zimmerman Trial
  136. Baby at final exam
  137. NAD: ants are all over Tiven's unfinished wood dresser
  138. update on my drugstore quandary/debate
  139. Atheist immigrant told to join church
  140. Alissa
  141. Should homeschooled kids get to play on school sports teams
  142. Check out this video (NAD)
  143. Exodus International
  144. Obesity labeled "disease" by AMA
  145. Permission to pop the question?
  146. OT - advice needed!
  147. Childfree wedding (Clairsmommy) NAD
  148. Your child using a cuss word
  149. Paycheck by Debit Card
  150. Carbon Monoxide Hotel Deaths
  151. Lesbian kicked out of college, and charged $6,000 for it.
  152. Fired due to abusive ex
  153. Caffeine withdrawal now a mental health disorder
  154. Back-in angled parking spaces
  155. Plastic Bag Ban
  156. Fluff - What is the best...
  157. Toy Guns
  158. Edward Snowden
  159. 71% of teens hide their online activities from their parents
  160. 3D printed guns
  161. Let's talk about the government snooping thing
  162. Fluff: if your city was an ice cream flavor, what would it be?
  163. fluff -- fashionable jeans vs. well-fitting jeans
  164. Married sperm donor
  165. Single dad and a girls' sleepover party
  166. Protests in Turkey
  167. Melissa's party: awesome or awful?
  168. Is it time to redefine "adult" or raise the age of adulthood?
  169. Saggy Pants
  170. New Oven NAD.. ok maybe a debate ;)
  171. Obamacare
  172. Hoarding disorder
  173. "Free Kate"
  174. How much activity for kids? NAD
  175. Should illegal immigrants be able to get a drivers licence?
  176. Fluff: best summer treat
  177. Organ Donor Law
  178. Grafitti on an ancient artifact
  179. Free Speech
  180. The scouts!
  181. Pope Francis includes Atheists
  182. Are you also having this problem?
  183. Obama worse then Nixon?
  184. Fluff - Camping
  185. Baby Showers and other kids (slightly personal)
  186. Keep your dog on a leash
  187. 'Pilotless' flights
  188. OT - Gloria
  189. Children as young as 4 are fattists
  190. Fluff: Notifications on pg.org
  191. Political Asylum for homeschooling?
  192. Angelina removed her breasts to save her life. Fans are angry.
  193. Does Prom send damaging messages?
  194. IRS targeting Tea party
  195. Posting pictures of your gifts on FB
  196. OT - Job question!
  197. English Only Drivers Test?
  198. Who is responsible? (Benghazi)
  199. Bring back a specific Abortion Debate board?
  200. Machiavelli vs. Attachment Parenting
  201. Abercrombie doesn't want large shoppers.
  202. Will vs. Living Trust
  203. Internet Sales Tax
  204. Sexual assaults in the military
  205. Summer plans
  206. September 11 Memorial Museum's admission fee
  207. Best yearbook prank ever?
  208. Should Confederate Monument be remodeled?
  209. Teen Mom's Yearbook Photo Banned
  210. Travis County DA Refuses to Resign after DWI
  211. GUNS
  212. Court Martial for sharing your faith?
  213. Want a side of fries with that poop burger?
  214. Baby removed from parents who wanted second opinion
  215. CA paper runs cartoon depicting West, TX explosion
  216. Gosnell Trial Media Blackout (abortion ment.)
  217. Victoria's Secret Model quits
  218. FAA Air Traffic Controller sequester furloughs
  219. Boycotting Standardized Testing
  220. Fluff - School age
  221. Jilted husband sues runaway bride who $72,000
  222. Faith-healing couple faces charges after 2nd child dies
  223. New news anchor chooses worst words ever to begin debut broadcast
  224. Free Cell Phones
  225. NAD: how long to keep sliced raw potatoes in the fridge?
  226. Elimination communication
  227. personal debate (but not terribly personal)
  228. Fluff - Kitchen Aid
  229. Facebook Etiquette
  230. School bans memorial apparel
  231. Background Checks for School Volunteers?
  232. Are we too harsh about ourselves?
  233. Human gene ownership
  234. Fluff - garden
  235. Should standardized testing be universal for all states
  236. Graphic Art Students forced to create anti-gun posters
  237. fluff - FEET, awesome or awful?
  238. Is ad offensive to those suffering depression?
  239. Sickness
  240. Spelling Bee + Vocabulary
  241. Kids - Ours or the communities?
  242. FB pictures
  243. Morning after pill
  244. Segregated Dances
  245. Tattooing your pet - Cruel?
  246. Antibiotics (NAD)
  247. April Fools insensitivity?
  248. FLuff - Language (Not really a debate)
  249. Pistorius allowed to leave South Africa for sporting events
  250. Fluff~Taking free things from stores for projects