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  1. Obama the Republican
  2. "Family" portrait
  3. What is your personal "junk food" weakness?
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. OT - What other kinds of debates?
  6. 10 lessons learned from this election
  7. Parents want to collect injured son's sperm
  8. A Parent's Rights
  9. Fluff - Underwire bra - vs. not
  10. Disney takes on Star Wars (Fluff)
  11. High School Halftime show -- appropriate or no?
  12. OT - Anyone else agonizing over tomorrow?
  13. V day arrangementa for areas of loss and difficulty
  14. Mailer Tells You Which of Your Neighbors Voted
  15. Spin Off - What age do you stop letting your kids see you naked?
  16. Halloween Candy (FLUFF)
  17. New York Marathon
  18. Transgender Man in Girl's locker room
  19. Government imposed abortion?
  20. Tazing a ten year old
  21. Anti-Obama Text Messages
  22. Happy Halloween!
  23. Costumes - FLUFF :)
  24. Who are the job creators? The 1% or the middle class?
  25. Trick or Treat (Fluff)
  26. Terrorism 101
  27. Visitation rights in rapest case
  28. World Series National Anthem 3-for-1 debate
  29. OT- Stay Safe
  30. Video
  31. Killer Child
  32. Fluff - Pumpkin Carving
  33. OT~SMSTurner
  34. Not really a debate ?
  35. In it to win it or to have fun?
  36. Should Ann Coulter be fired for public comments?
  37. Retiring Charlie Brown
  38. OT - Baby Geraffe
  39. Mom pleads guilty to misdemeanor over punishment
  40. Spin Off - Tolerance
  41. Final debate
  42. Fluff: third debate drinking game
  43. Yoga in public schools = religious education?
  44. OT: Final days to enter to win $50 amazon gift card!
  45. Anti-Bullying Task Force Appoints Member of "Hate Group"
  46. Team Paul Ryan or Team Soup Kitchen?
  47. Tori Spelling's "rare bleeding disorder"
  48. OT - Disney Tickets
  49. Who will win?
  50. Should this guy have been fired?
  51. Editing pictures-personal debate
  52. Bosses Telling Employees How They Should Vote
  53. Spin off - How much time for lunch?
  54. Debate #3
  55. In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants but not Vets
  56. Is Mix It Up At Lunch Day Pro-Gay?
  57. "Gifted"
  58. Fluff: How do you like your pumpkin pie?
  59. NAD - Who Are Your Favorite TV Characters Voting For
  60. Personal Debate - Letting Kids Play Outside (Child Death ment.)
  61. Grandmother has custody *Warning* Sever child abuse mentioned
  62. Death Penalty for Rebellious Children
  63. VP Debate
  64. A good movie - Semi ot
  65. Should Churches Have To Stay Out of Politics to Remain Tax Exempt
  66. Microchip for High School Students?
  67. Fluff: Greeting Cards
  68. More "part-time only" jobs on the way?
  69. Happy Thanksgiving
  70. Tattoos and Minors.
  71. OT: Did you enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card?
  72. Full Figured
  73. End Of Life
  74. OT: Alissa!
  75. OT: greasy stain on shirt
  76. First Debate
  77. Dr. Appt. - how long is too long to wait?
  78. Obama increases patriot act searches by 64%
  79. Global Taxes
  80. Defense Spending Cuts
  81. McDonalds
  82. Dreams of My Real Father (Slightly strong language)
  83. D&G: Racist Fashion?
  84. Who is at fault?
  85. Halloween -- how scary is too scary?
  86. Skirting it up for your kid
  87. OT - Afghanistan
  88. How soon is too soon?
  89. UN or "The View"
  90. Fluff - Which TV show...
  91. 4 Gallon Minimum Mandate?
  92. Couple Friendships
  93. Paying for your stupidity
  94. Schools dispensing birth control and Plan B
  95. School Spankings
  96. Court case may define what a "mother" is
  97. Should Food Stamp Recipients have to work?
  98. Racist ad-should it be allowed to run right now?
  99. Botched 911 Call
  100. Right to privacy violation or "fair game"
  101. Should EPA have to consider economic impact?
  102. Should illegal immigrants be released from jail?
  103. personal debate: emergency potty training issue - HELP
  104. Bikini baby picture?
  105. Free speech test?
  106. School lunch restrictions
  107. Mitt Romney's "47%" comment
  108. Acceptable public restroom behavior
  109. At what age?
  110. Duchess Kate
  111. Did mom get what she deserved
  112. Chicago Teacher's Strike
  113. Embassy attack
  114. How Pot Helps Parenting
  115. not a debate- food stamp fraud
  116. 9/11 note
  117. "The Talk" goes makeup free. Would you?
  118. Pizza Shop Owner Gets Negative Reviews for Hugging President
  119. Are you happy with your breast size? - NAD
  120. Politician Wants To Silence NFL Player's Support of Gay Marriage
  121. Presidential Eligibility
  122. Anyone have preg.org app? (not a debate)
  123. Pole dancing classes for kids
  124. Back to school: Let's talk lunches!
  125. Back to school: Let's talk homework!
  126. Happy Birthday, Preg.Org!
  127. Allergies?
  128. Drew's Law
  129. Taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery for murderer
  130. Pregnant bikini contest
  131. Teacher returns to classroom
  132. Baby or toddler having naked time without mom or parents
  133. Advertisments
  134. Uniforms or casual?
  135. 10 year old charged with manslaughter
  136. 4 y/o fake cigarette
  137. Doctor Won't Treat Anyone Over 200 lbs
  138. Fluff: food you don't like...
  139. Is improved Fuel Effeciency worth the cost in lives?
  140. Football Coach Pushing Religion
  141. Victim's families telling charity where money should go?
  142. Deaf 3 year old asked to change his name?
  143. Fluff: When do you buy clothes for your kids?
  144. Marijuana lowers IQ for teenage users
  145. Newest circ study - now benefits outweigh risks?
  146. Teacher gets 5 years for sex with students
  147. Total Fluff - Hatch Collection
  148. Honey Boo Boo
  149. Naked Prince Harry
  150. Taxpayer expense for political fundraising
  151. Transgendered and La Leche League rejection
  152. Football games: String cheese and Hummus?
  153. Too big for football
  154. "Legitimate" Rape Rarely Results In Pregnancy? (Abort Ment.)
  155. Early/Weekend Voting and Racism
  156. Gay Cure Ban Going Up For Vote in CA
  157. Paul Ryan's tax plan would lower his (and Mitt Romney's) taxes
  158. Should custody be determined by Beauty Pageants?
  159. Too "Asian-looking" for new $100 bill?
  160. Does SPLC encourage hate?
  161. Babysitters
  162. Unattended Minors
  163. Does HPV vaccine promote promiscuity?
  164. Crass Onesies
  165. Palm scanning at school?
  166. Evolution - Spin Off from the School Vouchers Thread
  167. Is Lousianna's Voucher Program Bad for Religious Freedom
  168. Urban Outfitters Giving Away Heroin Pens?
  169. OT- Why are there only seven pages of posts?
  170. 1st amendment (speach) and Facebook
  171. OT: Clorox ad
  172. Total Fluff - Kids bathing
  173. American athletes not wearing red, white, & blue?
  174. Another school debate: HS football stadium
  175. Can a school force girls to take pregnancy tests?
  176. Shelter-in-place order with kids at daycare
  177. Family reunions and annual gatherings
  178. HIV outing
  179. Hand Washing
  180. you break it, you buy it
  181. OT - Thank you
  182. Fluff: horizontal stripes on clothing
  183. Race-based School discipline?
  184. Is Free Birth Control like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor?
  185. How Long Did You Breastfeed! Post Your Total (WBW Event!)
  186. Olympics - 2 per country rule
  187. Lock up the Formula!
  188. Plastic surgery for those bullied?
  189. Car accicents and chiropractors
  190. Pregnancy Tests in a Bar Bathroom
  191. Does Chick-Fil-A own the phrase "Eat More?"
  192. Abortion Suicide Warning Law (obvs. Abort Ment)
  193. Central Weaponry Database
  194. Can city ban Chick-Fil-A?
  195. Aurora survivors get Engaged
  196. Cruise, All inclusive Resort, or plan from scratch
  197. Gun laws
  198. Sexist Lands End Ads?
  199. What do you make of this then?
  200. Father bans his 4 yr old daughter from Make-A-Wish trip
  201. Yahoo's new woman CEO
  202. Forced isolation for contagious disease, right or wrong?
  203. Abortion Debate-Providers must be OB/GYNs
  204. Whose dog is it? What should the outcome be?
  205. Allowance?
  206. Yoga teacher fired over cell phone ban at Facebook
  207. Movies: R Rating for Smoking?
  208. Kindergarten's Career Aptitude test
  209. Religious Persecution or Building Code Violation?
  210. Can a child have three parents?
  211. San Diego fireworks
  212. Lillie
  213. Should military have to pay more for healthcare?
  214. Payment for bone marrow allowed
  215. Food Stamp parties?
  216. Should cigarette purchases be allowed with EBT Card?
  217. Update on me :)
  218. Party host faces manslaughter
  219. Bullied bus monitor
  220. No-zero policy in Schools
  221. Assault with a deadly weapon charge?
  222. Democracy in a pickle jug
  223. School Sunscreen Ban
  224. Judge's Hair cut punishment
  225. Drinking during Pregnancy
  226. ballot measure LA County - condoms
  227. Are today's kids missing out?
  228. Term Limits for Congress
  229. Coffee or Tea?
  230. New Board Title, Intro, and Category
  231. Executive privilege for Fast and Furious
  232. BC Supreme Court strikes down assisted suicide law.
  233. Right to Privacy in your backyard?
  234. Salon/Spa Days for Preteens and Younger
  235. GA won't let KKK "adopt" a highway
  236. Shellie Zimmerman arrested for perjury
  237. Fine for swearing
  238. Because June would not be complete without graduation debates
  239. Another Lottery Dispute
  240. Does Pre-boarding for Families Matter?
  241. Suspect Shot in the back by Officer
  242. Really fluff, personal debate - jury duty
  243. Wisconsin Recall Election
  244. At What age?
  245. preschool (another personal debate)
  246. Parenting Rights for Lesbian Women
  247. Zimmerman's bond is revoked
  248. Combs' UCLA scholarship
  249. Big Gulp Ban
  250. NAD: Please Vote!