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  1. Should cigarette purchases be allowed with EBT Card?
  2. Update on me :)
  3. Party host faces manslaughter
  4. Bullied bus monitor
  5. No-zero policy in Schools
  6. Assault with a deadly weapon charge?
  7. Democracy in a pickle jug
  8. School Sunscreen Ban
  9. Judge's Hair cut punishment
  10. Drinking during Pregnancy
  11. ballot measure LA County - condoms
  12. Are today's kids missing out?
  13. Term Limits for Congress
  14. Coffee or Tea?
  15. New Board Title, Intro, and Category
  16. Executive privilege for Fast and Furious
  17. BC Supreme Court strikes down assisted suicide law.
  18. Right to Privacy in your backyard?
  19. Salon/Spa Days for Preteens and Younger
  20. GA won't let KKK "adopt" a highway
  21. Shellie Zimmerman arrested for perjury
  22. Fine for swearing
  23. Because June would not be complete without graduation debates
  24. Another Lottery Dispute
  25. Does Pre-boarding for Families Matter?
  26. Suspect Shot in the back by Officer
  27. Really fluff, personal debate - jury duty
  28. Wisconsin Recall Election
  29. At What age?
  30. preschool (another personal debate)
  31. Parenting Rights for Lesbian Women
  32. Zimmerman's bond is revoked
  33. Combs' UCLA scholarship
  34. Big Gulp Ban
  35. NAD: Please Vote!
  36. Rochester school tries to fire teacher for 3 years
  37. Elizabeth Warren
  38. Pole Dancing: An Olympic Sport?
  39. Hobbies as High School Sports?
  40. Honor Student jailed for Truancy
  41. Holiday weekend -- do you stay put, or get away?
  42. Sending and receivingtest messages while driving
  43. Where are our black leaders?
  44. Teen Friend Drama (a personal debate)
  45. Should U.S. help Doctor who located Usama bin Laden?
  46. Mount Everest: Brave or Stupid?
  47. What version of "truth" is more credible
  48. No "Happily Ever After" ?
  49. Adele discounted as positive role model?
  50. Fluff: Would you like to control your dreams?
  51. Public "Virtual" Schools
  52. Seek "fountain of youth" or "age naturally"
  53. Kidnapped Child not returned to Parents
  54. Minority Birth Rates Soar Higher than Whites for First Time
  55. Do we need S.I.N. Cards? (for the Canadians)
  56. $1M For Racist Comment over Walmart PA?
  57. Bicycling -- which side of the road would you *prefer*
  58. Sugar Babies: Genocide of our Children?
  59. Virgin Atlantic Allows In-Flight Calls
  60. Fat Tax to lower obesity
  61. Stand your ground - revisited
  62. Nancy Pelosi
  63. Student Loan Forgiveness Act
  64. writing bad reviews of church online
  65. Victim of Flesh-eating bacteria
  66. Are YOU Mom enough?
  67. Japan earthquake/tsunami garbage
  68. Obama backs same-sex marriage
  69. Is any gift better than no gift?
  70. Children holding picket signs
  71. Tornado shelter - We will build it ..... but you have to find it?
  72. Appropriate clothing at 9/11 trial
  73. Request President accept terrorist demands to save your life?
  74. Save face or money?
  75. Do parents have any rights to block videos of their kids?
  76. Fluff -- a Would you rather pregnancy debate
  77. Spelling and grammar
  78. Life is Wasted Without Jesus
  79. Handling of Chinese dissident case
  80. Standard school year
  81. Junior Seau suicide -- should his brain be donated to research?
  82. Whose lottery ticket is it?
  83. "Say You're Sorry"
  84. Paying Drug addicts to get sterilized or use long term BC?
  85. Organ donation via facebook
  86. Most clear-cut achievement for President Obama?
  87. OT: Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?
  88. Fluff: wedding/engagement/anniversary rings, what order?
  89. Is there an obligation to check your email?
  90. Dan Savage: Anti-bullying or Christian bashing?
  91. Bidets?
  92. you're the mom
  93. Free Viagra and sex reassignment surgery for military personnel?
  94. Supreme Court Hears Arizona Immigration Law
  95. Boy fighting to play on the Girl team
  96. DOJ and the New Black Panthers
  97. Should Child Labor Laws apply to Farm Chores?
  98. 11 year old not charged in death of 10 year old classmate
  99. Rude comments on Twitter & Probation
  100. Kid dies after second heart attack playing sports
  101. Is this becoming a trend?
  102. Disco GAP, nightclub H&M, cabaret Gymboree
  103. 19 year old wants to play on HS basketball team
  104. NIH funded HIV Prevention website
  105. Consent needed to take DNA from minors?
  106. Picky Eater
  107. What should happen to GSA?
  108. Is the Bachelor racist?
  109. Would your man go down with the ship? Would you want him to?
  110. Tennessee Law Clears the Way for Questioning Science
  111. Bullying: Personal bodyguard needed?
  112. Gender selection
  113. Drunk Driver Suing Victims
  114. "Got a Quickie Aborsh" (abort ment.)
  115. Working Moms 9-5
  116. Ban on Ice Cream Trucks?
  117. Happy Easter. Here's a dead bunny.
  118. Child Endangerment Conviction for Co-Sleeping death
  119. Muslim woman's bra photo
  120. Sweden trying to do away with gender roles, including pronouns
  121. "Never worked a day in her life"?
  122. Firing a pregnant employee
  123. Texas hospital won't hire obese applicants
  124. Paying higher taxes to bridge income gap?
  125. Deniz... (not a debate)
  126. lose parenting rights because of immigration status?
  127. Another rape case - locking up the victim
  128. Lets have a go at smoking Dad's for a change
  129. Transgendered Miss Universe
  130. Appeal to bring back Mexican-American studies overruled
  131. Over reacting about all of this bullying stuff?
  132. EAster: NAD
  133. Woman walks into propeller and sues
  134. Alicia Silverstone and her baby feeding method
  135. Today's Dr. Phil - child support and rape (of the father)
  136. Lighter sentences based on ethnicity?
  137. Do you redo your partner's chores
  138. Dealing with childhood obesity...
  139. Caution: Baby on Board
  140. Social Security benefits for kids conceived after Dad's death?
  141. NYC Bans Food Donations to Homeless
  142. Tantruming toddler kicked off of plane
  143. Eisenhower Memorial
  144. Irony in wearing the color orange.
  145. Kidnapped baby t-shirts...offensive or hilarious?
  146. Trayvon Martin death - no charges filed
  147. Afghanistan Shooting Suspect
  148. Canadian "Robocall" scandal
  149. O'Green Day?
  150. Susepend for a curse word?
  151. Can I come back to debate with you?
  152. Obama Flag
  153. Homeless Hotspots
  154. Gift Receipts (kind of fluff)
  155. Parents selling kids fundraiser items
  156. No pets in passanger cars...
  157. iphone/ipod - NAD
  158. Effective punishment?
  159. Please take my baby food survey
  160. SHould she give the ring back?
  161. Yet another Mommy Guilt blogger gone viral.
  162. Canadian bf-ers (not a debate)
  163. Should rest stops be allowed to be Commercialized?
  164. paying for good grades
  165. The reactions to Rush
  166. Tanning salons?
  167. BC teachers dispute
  168. OT.. Having trouble accessing blogs
  169. Law would let parents see kids' text messages
  170. Mainlanders in Hong Kong?
  171. Baptism by proxy?
  172. Grocery store accidents
  173. Lesbian judge debate
  174. Tipping the Vallet
  175. S/O school lunches: food trucks
  176. Qnexa
  177. Vasectomy vs. Late Term Abortion
  178. Should viability matter in wrongful death suits for unborn?
  179. School replaces child's lunch.
  180. Flags in N.J. at half-staff for Whitney Houston
  181. High School Choir sings Islamic prayer
  182. OT: What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
  183. Valentines Day - fluffy
  184. Blue Ivy Trademark
  185. Illegal immigrant needs a kidney transplant
  186. Did Obama punk the Republicans over birth control?
  187. Facebook Dad
  188. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Constitution
  189. Grand Canyon bottled water ban
  190. Vending machine dispenses morning after pill
  191. Asteroids and Near Earth Objects
  192. Replacing teachers
  193. Romney
  194. Valentine's Day Poll! Vote now!
  195. OT - Super Bowl colors
  196. Public Nudity
  197. Must Speak English to be Elected?
  198. Would you call the police on a Breastfeeding mom and have her ..?
  199. Leaving sporting events early
  200. Misdiagnosis - can she sue??
  201. Grading on effort and instead of knowledge
  202. How the bleep do you get THAT out?????
  203. Censoring or bullying?
  204. Defendant Ordered to Decrypt Own Laptop
  205. End of Life Care
  206. Been away and hi!
  207. Paula Deen: cooking with lard & sugar, now shilling diabetes med
  208. Children and tattoos
  209. Children and glasses
  210. Modern Family 2 yr old F-bomb
  211. Should Senior Discounts End?
  212. Mitt Romney's dog
  213. Wikipedia Blackout
  214. Tankless v. traditional water heater
  215. "Girl" Legos cause a stir
  216. Urinating Marines video (potentially disturbing subject)
  217. Photo ID for food stamps
  218. Hilarious Ads at the Top of PO
  219. Puking vs. potty-training -- a restaurant debate
  220. sick siblings and school
  221. Breakfast ideas (not a debate)
  222. Airing Graphic Anti-Abortion Pictures during the Super Bowl
  223. NAD - Men of Strength Campaign
  224. Superintendent or Step-mom?
  225. OT - Sorry I've Been MIA
  226. Georgia Obesity Campaign
  227. Abortion Doctors Charged with Murder
  228. Crossing Math and Social Studies in classes?
  229. Blue Ivy. A very important baby.
  230. 20 items or less?
  231. Native American adoption laws
  232. Harsh enough or too harsh?
  233. Care providers' responsibility?
  234. S/O towel: Washcloth
  235. Using the last tampon
  236. Standing in two lines.
  237. Fluff: Towel use
  238. Should schools stock epi-pens?
  239. Justified Shooting?
  240. Drug testing to get a job.
  241. Ideas have Sex?!?!?!
  242. Tuesday voting?
  243. Occupy Wall Street song
  244. Reversing Aging....
  245. Alan Colmes comment on how Santorum handled death of infant
  246. Republican candidates
  247. OT - Happy New Year!
  248. Employers pay for healthy living
  249. Kidlette pics....You can debate them if you like. LOL
  250. Menorah in the sky