Community Guidelines & Announcments - A Must Read!

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Community Guidelines & Announcments - A Must Read!

Hi Everyone!

We have received requests to offer some clarifications regarding our Guidelines - these include the topics of community, spamming, signatures, avatars, and more. Please take a moment and read through the guidelines which are located as a link at that top of every board page.

Unlike many other online communities, we do not wish to bombard our members with a pack of unreasonable rules which leave you feeling so stifled that you begin to wonder if you are back in kindergarten! Our guidelines are fairly simple and all based on an essence of common sense, respect for others, and the basic grounds of civility. We honestly do not wish to be required to serve as "police." We prefer to spend our time continually improving the site and your experience here at

All in all we have outlined six basic principles to govern our community. We expect that these guidelines will enable the community to remain focused on its original intent -- a place for support, enrichment, camaraderie, and of course -- fun!
Please read our Community Guidelines Now

Have questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact me at anytime -- [email][/email]

Thanks for your cooperation!

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Signature and Avatar Guidelines - Please read.

Originally posted on own thread by LauraT - Site Asst.

Signature and Avatar Guidelines. Please notice we have specific guidelines for these privileges. Please see the section below.

1.Image dimensions and File Size Limitations:

--Avatars - You may include a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 110 pixels, the height no greater than 110 pixels, and the file size no more than 391 kb.

--Signatures - These shall be limited to 400 x 300 pixels maximum. (This translates into approximately 5.5 x 4.0 nches) with a file size limit of 250kb maximum.

2. Slideshows: Must adhere to the dimension and file size limitations above. Also, please limit to no more than 5 rotating images for the benefit of other users.

3. Content: Please be aware that all signatures should adhere to the same rules as listed within the Community Guidelines. We do not wish to restrict your right to display personal views, ideology, etc. but do ask that you continue to remain respectful of others. Please refrain from including profanity, violence, obscenity, lewd, or sexual content within either area in deference to (or as a courtesy to) your fellow members and their families. While we are not a site for children, as a parenting community there is a "reasonable expectation" that the site is family friendly. If you feel you simply must express yourself using these means we actually have private forums just for you to do so within your post instead. Smile

4. Use of multiple (stacked) images: We are aware that you may wish to include one or many worthy causes/remembrances within your signature. However, due to space constraints and loading difficulties for our users, you are still asked to contain all of your signature within the limits provided above. This does include blinkies, tickers, and other graphics. One suggestion is to create a couple of signatures and alternate.

5. Courtesy in use: We are pleased to offer you this opportunity to share your families, your beliefs, and your points of interest within your signature. Please, however, be courteous to one another and recognize that you do not have to include your signature with each and every post you make. This particularly applies to those within the same thread. Once is enough.

**Please understand those choosing to ignore these guidelines will risk the loss of theses privilege(s) and a possible disablement of account for repeated offenses.**


Why are these limitations necessary?
Our web space is limited. We wish to offer the greatest perks possible, but feel these are reasonable limitations. The outcome is a faster and better site! Our users, including each of you, benefit! Faster load times, less hang ups, and less space taken up on your personal
(cache) computer files . not to mention that we are able to enjoy what you've chosen to share!

The signature size 400 width x 300 height or 300 width x 400 height includes tickers, blinkies, siggy cards or any other images, this excludes text since there is already a limited amount of text you can put into your siggy area.

**Some tickers exceed the width there is only so much that can be done about it since that is the size the owner of the ticker made it, only these tickers have an exception but I must recommend using a ticker that is closest in width (of 400) as possible. Your ticker should NOT be any wider than your picture or siggy card if you can help it (meaning NO wider than 400).**

If you need help resizing your siggy to meet the guidelines I am willing to help just send me a PM, I will gladly fix your siggy for you.

Examples on how your siggy should be:

*Note: Just because the ticker is 418 in width doesn't mean the rest of your siggy can exceed 400*

*REMEMBER: This excludes text which can be placed in between siggy cards, blinkies and tickers*

Places to get tickers:

Need a siggy card?
Feel free to send me (My2PreciousButterflies)an e-mail ( [email][/email] )if you would like a siggy card. I also do glitter name tags. When sending me an e-mail please do the following:
In the "Subject" part of the e-mail put Siggy card or glitter tag request.
Then in the body of the e-mail please tell me the colors you want, what you want it to say in specific detail, and what images you want in it or theme. If you want to use personal pictures in your siggy card or glitter tag, you will need to include those in the e-mail. Unless specified the cards will be made per signature guidelines which is 400x300 if you have or want blinkies and tickers with your siggy I will need to know this so I can accomodate the size of your siggy card with the other items you would like in your siggy area. Glitter tag sizes may vary if you want a particular size to accomodate your siggy size please tell me the size you need BEFORE I make the tag. Please DO NOT try to resize the glitter tags yourself, please ask me to do so if it's not the right size.

(This Announcement HAS been approved by Missy)

--Nicole (My2PreciousButterflies)