Developmental pediatrician

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Developmental pediatrician

The Pedi finally gave us a script to see a developmental pedi. Now I am wondering what takes place during the office visit and what the developmental pedi does as far a diagnosing and helping with services. Has anyone taken their LO to one before?

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[LEFT]We've never been, but I knot that there is someone on this board who has experience with this type of doc b/c we've discussed it before.

Let us know how it goes.

I'm sure that he/she will want lots of data from you regarding which milestones were met at what time. You might want to bring his/her baby book with you or write some dates down before you go, etc. And if you have any therapy reports (like PT, OT or speech) I'd bring that too.

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My daughter didn't see one but I've dealt with them professionally in school districts, mostly with children with autism spectrum issues. Their initial evaluations tends to be a little longer than an EI evaluation; more specific and they will ask you a ton of questions like the EI. The EI process usually involves an interdisciplinary team, but they can't make medical diagnoses like Autism, ADHD, etc.