So fustrated..

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So fustrated..

My son has been in speech since Last September. His progress has moved very little so I was debating on trying to find another therapist since my son has now become very rebellous against the therapist we are using now. She is strict which I like but its more on the OCD side than just being strict so there is a constant battle between the two. She did mention that maybe we should try someone else so I will be thinking about it..

I really have been getting sad lately when I am around other 3 year olds. They are talking, telling stories, and it just seems so easy compared to what my son is doing. Its like a game that me and dh are playing with him when trying to decifer what he is saying or whats. Then I wonder what other people think about him when he is in public. I would hate it if people thought there was something wrong with him because he cant talk..

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It really is fustrating. I know how you feel. It will come around though. That is what I keep telling myself. It does sound like he would benefit from a new therapist. I would start looking around if it were me.

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Yeah, might be time for a new SLP.

What's his diagnosis?

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My daughter was having a major case of the "sillies" with her EI worker, so we switched it up to every other week. Her worker wasn't strict though, I think Savannah just started to see her as a playmate and got a little too familiar with her. Sorry for your frustration though - it is tough.

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I'm in a similar situation, but with DS's ABA therapist. He is forever running away from her and not working. And I can sympathize with the speech development when compared to others his age. When I was registering DS for pre-k last week I saw other kids who'd be coming who would just talk and talk and, as usual, I had a pang of sadness for my son who just isn't there yet.

Do your school's have a head start program where they can join a special ed class when they turn 3? DS leapt a whole year in development during that class, tapered off again, but I'm hoping he'll leap ahead again next year when school restarts.

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I feel the same way about my 3 year old. Is there anyone in your family that you can talk to about it? I know with me most of my family is very unsupportive and just don't care about Noah's speech but the preschool he is going to has been very supportive to me. I hope he makes progress soon.