So weird, but good!

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So weird, but good!

DD has been stuttering, on and off, for 2 years. It started off mild, would go away for a while, then come back even worse. It ebbed and flowed this way to the point she was having struggle behaviour - rolling eyes, jutting out her neck, hitting her leg, etc. We had her evaluated and she started therapy in April. The therapist assessed her stutter as severe - all types of disfluencies and obvious struggle behaviour. The therapist was excellent, but I don't know how much the therapy itself was working. It seemed as though it brought an added awareness to the problem for DD and made it worse, at times.

Then there's DS, who turned 2 in May. He had a handful of words and had never put 2 words together. I was starting to worry.

Well, we went on vacation at the end of July and since then DD has been 100% fluent! Her stutter has disappeared completely without therapy (the therapist was away for all of August). And, DS has now started spitting out 3-word phrases and has added at least 50 words to his vocab in just the past couple of weeks! Jeez, kids never cease to amaze.:D For now we are holding off on therapy for DD. I'm of the opinion that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Her therapist agrees with this approach but will see her again if the stuttering starts up (it might, as DD just started preschool a couple weeks ago). Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that our speech disorders and delays are behind us!

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This is great news !!!!!!!!!!!!

Weird, yes.

So little is known about what REALLY causes stuttering. Whatever the case, I'm so glad that it has resolved. DD is very blessed as I know people who struggle for years and years with this.

Congrats momma !