Spring Break - Part 1

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Spring Break - Part 1

We had SUCH a great spring break trip this year.  We drove across the state (which is no easy feat in TX) to go to Big Bend National Park.  I wish it wasn't such a long drive b/c I already want to go back!

Because it is such a long drive, we tried to break it up as much as possible.  So on the drive out there, we stopped for a cave tour at the Caves of Sonora.  Here are af ew shots from that stop:

1.  50mm ap=f/3.5  ss=1/1600 iso=500

there were peacocks EVERYWHERE!  Logan especially got a real kick out of them

2.    50mm ap=f/3.5  ss=1/8000 iso=500

3.  50mm ap=f/3.5  ss=1/400 iso=500

my "baby" is looking WAY too grown up for my taste - *sigh*

4.  50mm ap=f/2.8  ss=1/60 iso=6400


5.  50mm ap=f/2.0  ss=1/80 iso=6400

After a good night at the hotel, we headed for Big Bend NP the next day.  We hiked to an elevation of about 7000 ft.  For reference, the town where we live sits at just over 300 ft above sea level!  So 7000 ft was quite a change for this family.  :D  

We all marveled at the scenery - there is just nothing like standing on the side of a mountain and surveying the world around you.  You can certainly feel God's majesty!  It really was overwhelming.

6.  65mm ap=f/11.0  ss=1/400 iso=400

7.  27mm ap=f/11.0  ss=1/200 iso=400

8.  65mm ap=f/11.0  ss=1/50 iso=400

9.  20065mm ap=f/13.0  ss=1/160 iso=400

Logan took this one

10.  200mm ap=f/16.0  ss=1/160 iso=400

Logan took this one

11.  200mm ap=f/22.0  ss=1/160 iso=400

Logan took this one - it's one of my favorites from the whole trip - this was taken on the trip back down - at about 5000 ft of elevation - I just love this view of the Chisos Mountains

I think that's probably enough for this post.  I'll bbl with another post for the last 2 days of our trip.  Those 2 days were super rainy (which was not ideal) but we still had a great time!



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This looks like it was truly

Smile This looks like it was truly a wonderful trip! I am in agreement with how 'grown up' Logan appears now. No longer that little guy peering back at the camera we saw so many years ago! How tall is he now? In that one shot he appears to be closing in on height. (No worries -- I'm looking UP at more than a few of my own! ARgh! LOL)

Outside of loving those which Logan took, I keep looking back at the one of the peeling bark. The contrast in colors and details came out so crisp!

Keep posting! I love your sharing!


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Wonderful pics, GiGi! I see

Wonderful pics, GiGi! I see you have a few here you didn't have on FB. The detail in the peacock is awesome. Wonderful photos all around, looks like a fantastic trip!

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GiGi, it looks like a GREAT

GiGi, it looks like a GREAT time!  I love peacocks. They kind of scare me with their feathers all out, but they are so pretty!  Logan just looks so much older these days.  It's tough for me and I'm not even his mom!  LOL! I love the one of your two men!  Great shot!  That last one is fabulous too! 

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Missy ... thanks!  Logan is
Missy ... thanks!  Logan is about 5'6" now.  In my "tall shoes" I can stretch to 5'2".  *sigh*  I'm super proud of the young man he has become, but there is a big part of me that misses my baby.  Thanks again for your comments!  I've got a few more pics coming (in another thread) soon.
Tracy ... I had fun w/ that peacock.  He was strutting all over the place - and they make AWFUL noises.  But they reminded me of the place where Carlos proposed to me, so I got to share that story with Logan.  He got a laugh out of it.  :)
Sadie ... I agree w/ you ... my "baby" isn't looking very baby-ish at all any more.  :(  This week I have been working on getting him registered for a THREE WEEK long summer camp - away from home.  I don't know how my heart will handle it.  *sigh*
TFL guys!