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my journey

I struggled with smoking and wanting to quit for a long time. It wasn't until I left my husband that I was able to finally focus on it.. lets face it being in a stressful/bad marriage quitting smoking is near impossible esp. if he smokes like mine did. I cut down and could never get past 2 cig. but I'd always smoke more when out with friends or when stressed. Quitting cold turkey didn't last long either.

Finally I was sick of smoking, smelling like it etc and now that I was wanting to date again I knew I did not want a guy that smoked and that it was only fair to quit myself (i don't like double standard and didn't want to be one myself) and my willpower is very bad. I hung out with an old friend and his mom. And I just saw myself.. 20 years from now still smoking hoarse and aged way beyond my years and decided that I *needed* to quit now.

I ended up doing the hypnosis. Nothing else had worked and I couldn't afford the electronic cigarette. I spent $125 (about what i smoked in a month) and ALL the spare money I had since it was just me and my daughter. It worked great for me. I couldn't stand the smell of cig (still bugs me some) but didn't make me sick or anything. When I got back to work (i went on my lunch break) I gave my pack of cigs to my coworker. I could def smell it on me when i went to friends houses who smoked. It killed 98% desire to smoke. When I got stressed and felt I wanted one I'd go outside where there were smokers and instantly change my mind (i lived in apartments at the time) Or I'd ask myself if I really wanted that cig and the answer was always no for me. After a few months I got prego and rarely ever thought about it after that. Its now been almost 2 years since I've quit and I feel so much better. I did gain a little weight but not much. At least not until i got prego. Now If i could just figure out how to lose this left over baby fat. On Oct 15th It'll be 2 years that i've quit smoking. I was a pack a day smoker for over 10 years with 3 failed attempts at quitting (including one pregnancy that I smoked through).

One thing I also did was reward myself. If i made it through that first month I got myself a much needed new outfit (i NEVER bought myself new clothes)... second month I got a pedicure that i'd never had before either (remember I now have an extra 100 a month to enjoy instead of smoke) for the third month I bought myself some boots that i'd been wanting for years but couldn't justify spending 150 on boots! Then I got prego and everything "extra" went to baby prep. :puke2: lol but its all good and I got a cute little pukey thing out of it and i dont smell bad anymore. Biggrin no he never puked, but I never fit into those boots again either unfortunately. DH (i got remarried) keeps saying that he'll get me another pair but its not important. I was lucky to stay home with the baby for this past year.

I just wanted to share my struggles and joyous outcomes with anyone who may be reading since it was such a long hard journey for me. I highly recommend hypnosis to quit smoking.. I waited 6 months debating on whether to do it or not because I'd heard mixed things. I'd smoked 3 cigarettes in the 10 min car ride to get to the hypnosis place.

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Jade - congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing your encouragement with others!

All the best!

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congrats! I really want to quit. My willpower is horrible too. So hypnosis? Was it one session or multiple?

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I did hypnosis a few years back - in 4 sessions and it did help me cut down some but i guess I wasn't really ready...b/c i was back to a pack a week a week after my last session...

I am on day 3 of cold turkey now and not too bad - I just found our i was pregnant so I really have no choice, just chewing on candy and stuff, but I also kinda think the smell is bothering my pregnant nose somehow so its not as hard as it normally would be.

I think many different things work for different people - the person just has to be ready to quit. I used the patch and quit for over a year 2 times, I just have a hard time when stress comes, I think I can have just 1, and I end up smoking full time again...