2013!! TTC????

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2013!! TTC????

Happy New Years Ladies!!

Any one jumping over to TTC soon?

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Not sure if you would consider us actively in the TTC side of things this cycle, more like JLIH.... I am O'ing today/Tomorrow and we DTD last night. So... we shall see what comes. I am not sure if I am counting is as an actively trying cycle or not. I guess I will know more in about 10-11 days from now. haha.

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Whoohoo! I hope JLIH works for ya the first time! Wouldn't that be exciting?!?

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We started TTC this cycle but got interrupted by me having to have a melanoma removed from my chest and docs orders to not do any exercise fell right in my fertile week Sad BOO! We dtd'd about 5 days before I was due to O (12/31) but I think the chances of that catching an eggie is rather remote. So technically I'm in the 2 week wait now but I'm not really stressing.

Next cycle with be the real deal Smile

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Definitely not starting TTC until this summer...and I've been thinking about waiting until summer 2014. DS has had some sleep regressions and I'm about to pull my hair out!

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Summer for me too. Sometimes it's those months you think it is not going to happen that you end up with a surprise! Smile

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I'll be there soon! Smile