Ahhh!!! Baby fever!!

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Ahhh!!! Baby fever!!

I have the worst baby fever of my LIFE right now. Usually when I get baby fever it refers to being pregnant and like 2 years old but right now it encompasses everything and I'm seriously dying. ROFL HELP!! :help:

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Yup I have bad baby fever as well, I have been staying away because right now even TOC is sad for me because I have had to hold off on my original plans, which would have been to TTC next month, or even this month. Unfortunatly finances mean no TTC and I also haven't had a PPAF yet. The absence of AF is probably the only thing giving me any relief over how much I want another baby.

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I'm in the same boat as you!!
Always talking about it, telling DH I can't wait to have a sibling for Hunter, etc.... Saying how fun a little girl would be...
Anyways, I'm always staring at my ticker.... 5 months!!!
That is if DH has another contract at work, keeping our fingers crossed and praying at the same time.

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Wendy- Sorry you guys had to put it on hold.I think not being able to complete your family the way you want to and when you want to because of finances is one of the great injustices of the world. I'm in the same boat. Lol
Vicky- Sending you guys positive vibes for another contract!!

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Just wanted to say that I am sorry! It is hard wanting something so badly that you can not have at that moment!

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I hear ya! I am always bringing up baby talk and it just makes it worse! Hopefully the time passes quickly and you'll be trying in no time!

Sending contract vibes your way Vicky!

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Yep yep! Major baby fever here as well. DH isnt completey on board yet but I'm getting him there I think. Even if he was completely on board , we wouldnt be trying right away. Oh how I long to be pg again! And have that little newborn!!! I love this stage with DS as well and am so sad that everything goes so fast. I want to do it all over again! Biggrin

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Baby fever is at its worst for me these days and the pregnant women and babies that surround me are just making it worse. Haha. My friend and co-worker had her baby today. And another friend told me that our mutual friend just found out she was pregnant. I want one toooooo!!!

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Baby fever is at an all time high right now. My best friend just gave birth yesterday and it sent my already-kind-of-high baby fever into full fledged cant-think-about-anything-else baby fever. My boyfriend and I had a discussion tonight (amongst many) and decided to start TTC in a few months (probably around dec-jan). I'm very anxious until then!