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Anyone temp

Did/does anyone temp? I was thinking about starting temping next cycle just to see what my body's doing.

Did you take your temp vaginal or orally. Any other tips? I have a basal thermometer that still in it's packaging from years ago Smile

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I do when TTC but not when I'm not.

I take orally. Supposed to be after at least 2 hours of sleep in a row and at the same time every day. Some people don't have to do that, but most do I'd say. For me the sleep part has to be accurate, but I can temp during a two hour window and get accurate readings. I keep a notebook by my bed to write in. You can't get up out of bed, take your temp first, then go pee!

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I get up 1-2x a night to pee, so I'm not sure how that's going to work. I think I'll give it a shot my next cycle anyway. My kids are a little unpredictable and get up between 5-7am.

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I have a 14 month old and a toy poodle who are both pretty unpredictable about when they will wake up and need I don't temp. I go by CM and sometimes OPK.

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I do the OPKs... I also have a period app on my phone that helps me keep track. my cycles are anywhere from 29-33 days. I tend to 0 between CD 21-23 surprisingly my cycles are regular after going off BC. I have never had regular cycles and needed OPKs when we got PG with Tommy. Worked 2nd cycle.

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I'm having my IUD pulled in March and we plan on temping because we will be trying the Shettles method, so I will have to watch my cycles closely. I am a mouth breather when I sleep so I will probably have to take my temps vaginally.