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Hey Ash!

Just wanted to let you know I heard from Cheri. I got the simple(free) reading. She predicted FEB and BOY. If she is right that would be just perfect (with a conception or finding out in FEB). However, my DD was born in Feb so I'm just hoping there's no confusion there!! Either way I was just happy she saw something. Very promising.

Thanks again

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It's fun right? I want to do another prediction to see if they are the same. It would be freaky (but awesome) if it all came true.

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do you guys have the link for this? I would love to try it!

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That's awesome!! She wouldn't be getting confused if you told her about your daughter. It's funny that you posted this because you know how I had all of those predictions that coincided. Well this cycle that I just started would be the one that Jenny Renny predicted for and would coincide with the others. But we are still doing pull out so it would be really unlikely. Smile Plus Cheri said that she thought that it wouldn't be an oops.

I also really like Brooke because she asks for a picture and seems to have a good reputation for accuracy.
I also got one from Jenny Renny

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Thanks Ash Smile