broody anyone??

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broody anyone??

Im so broody today a friend had a baby and he is the most sweetest baby
Can just imagine how lovely he smells Smile

We really want to ttc baby 7 my family are not very supportive at all :angry1: they always try and talk us out of it whenever we bring the subject up.

Just wondered if this broody feeling will ever go? or do you think im broody because really deep down I know We want another one?


pico83 (not verified)

Oh no, not the new baby smell! ROFL That would do me in immediately.
Yeah, I've been feeling broody. Yesterday was rough. I found out a friend is expecting a baby boy this summer (her first boy after 3 girls) and that made me want a little girl. And the spring weather always sets me off for some reason. Thankfully, it's gloomy today so I'm doing a little better.

No idea whether the feeling ever goes. It must for some women, right? How else would they stop at 1 or 2 kids?

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I have those days too. If you have them all the time you should just have another baby as long as your DH is on board?

And it's not your "extended" family's business, just you, DH and your other kids matter in this equation!