Considering TTC

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Considering TTC

Well, our original plans for ttc were August 2012. Lately I've been getting the baby fever really bad, so we will most likely try to ttc starting in October. I have a 28 day cycle and I am on regular bc. I also have pmdd (pre menstrual disforic disorder) I'm on a low dose of Prozac to help with the mood swings. I'm happy to say it helps, but I've read that it causes birth defects. Has anyone got any advice on when to go off of the prozac and bc before ttc. My o.b. says to go off when I'm ready to ttc, but I'm nervous about that being in my system. Thanks!

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Im not quite sure about prozac-Id say give it thirty days to get out of your system to be sure-but with Bc its out of your system right away after going off and you should get back on track easily. If your dr said go off when you are ready and didnt give you any timeline to wait afterwards Id assume it gets out of your system quickly to...or call another dr and get another opinion. GL