DH isn't on board

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DH isn't on board

We have 4. I'd like one more (okay, or two, but I'll be realistic) and think that TTC this fall would be a good idea. DH is pretty sure he's done. I don't know whether to try to talk him into it or just let it be. Getting #4 was a bit rough. I had a BO and D&C, then an early m/c, then 2 SCH and placenta previa when we finally got a good one. And I get HG with my pregnancies. I'd love another baby, but the thought of going through that again is, well, intimidating to say the least. As it is, we have 3 "big kids" 6, 4 1/2, and almost 3, and the baby. I could just enjoy life getting easier by the day. And I feel like 4 is logistically easier (bedroom, vacations, etc) than 5. But... I still want one more.