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Does anyone else dream of being pregnant or having a baby?

I guess that's what started it all off for me. I started having dreams that I was pregnant again and they were so realistic I'd wake up convinced I was pregnant, only to discover I wasn't! LOL

The other night I had such a realistic dream that I woke up and was so happy until I realised that it was just a dream! LOL It was nothing dramatic. I was 31 weeks pregnant in the dream and out for a walk, then I went shopping for gender neutral clothes and a blanket for the birth with DH... I was having strong braxton hicks in the dream (DH said I was moaning out loud) and everyone was saying the baby better not come earlier than last time - not in a worrying kind of way, just in that joking "baby better stay put for awhile!" kind of way. All in all it was a really happy dream.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had dreams like that? Really realistic, where you wake up kinda bummed that it wasn't real?

I always used to dream about pregnancy/birth/babies right before I got pregnant. Infact my dreams were the only reason we had #5 and #6 as I dreamed I was pregnant with a baby girl and they were due/born on XYZ day - then I got pregnant and was due or gave birth on those exact days and both were girls. In my current run of dreams I don't know the gender of the baby, I just always see me having a healthy pregnancy and being over the moon happy... My last few pregnancies were miserable and pain-filled. So I'd really love to believe next time will be different! LOL

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Yes, I have definitely had dreams of being pregnant. Wink

I had one a few months ago and it felt so real, I actually took an hpt. lol My cycles are still not back to normal since having my last baby, so I wanted to make sure. Smile

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Yep, I have had the same dreams. One was so realistic that when I woke up I expected to have a newborn sleeping next to me. A lot of my dreams are about birth rather then pregnancy.

pico83 (not verified)

I had one last night.
I dreamed that I was pregnant with our 5th and went for the anatomy u/s. I was overjoyed to be told the placenta was way out of the way (placenta previa is traumatic). Then they said it was a baby girl and I was shocked and even a little disappointed to not be having a 5th boy. Then i started thinking about names and getting excited, and then I woke up.
Luckily, I had a sweet, chubby baby boy right next to me to snuggle.

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Saturday night I dreamt I peed on a Tesco own brand digital... Very similar to a clear blue fertility monitor testing stick... But I forgot to put it in the digi bit but the stick got two really thick lines!!!
I was quite excited until I wiped the next morning and af was blowing pRty poppers and playing loud music!! Lol