getting ready to try

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getting ready to try

Hi there,
I am new to this forum and am looking forward to a place where I can express my thoughts as I am totally going through baby fever right now. I also look forward to reading others' experiences on this site....

I am 34 years old, recently married. I am going to try to start trying to conceive once I stop my birth control pills (placebo week ending this Aug. 6th.) I have been on birth control pills (microgestin fe) for approx. 15 years.

I know that that the length of time for being on the pills has no association to how long it takes to conceive once a woman stops taking the pills, but I am still concerned that it will take my body a while to start ovulating again, once I stop the pills. My other concern is my weight. I am 4'11" and weigh approx. 93 lbs. I am definitely going to try to gain weight this month because I know that being at a lower weight may affect my ability to ovulate. I exercise on the elliptical moderately about 3-4 times a week and am cutting that down to twice per week.
I am really hoping to get pregnant right away once we start TTC this Aug, but I know the likelihood of getting pregnant in the first month of being off the pills is small.
I look forward to reading your responses and any experiences you care to share.

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It is different for everyone, but this was my experience. I am currently 26(almost 27) and was on the pill from 18-25 i stopped taking the pill in September 2009 and became pregnant in January 2010. The first two months after stopping i had very long cycles like 40or 41 days. then the last one, that i got pregnant on was 34 days. you could always start charting once you stop the pills to see if you are ovulating. it will also help you keep better track of your cycle. Good luck!

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Thanks, Janijanis, for sharing your experience and for the good wishes! The photo is adorable!

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Hi Jodi!!

I started birth control pills at 15 due to ovarian cysts. We decided to try for a baby when I was 25. I stopped the pills in December 2007 and got pg with my DD in April 2008. I had pretty much normal cycles right from the start. Good luck! I hope you catch an eggie very soon!

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Hi Jodi!

I was 33 when I took finished my last round of BC in Dec of 08. I had been on some type of BC since I was 23-24ish (??) Charted for a few months, and started actively trying in April of 09. I turned 34 that May and got pregnant in June.
Try not to stress about it, try to stay active and health and hopefully you will will get lucky quickly too.
Talk to your doc if your concerned about your weight.

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I'm 5'3" and 95 pounds and I have conceived all three of mine with out an issue. I've never had a miscarriage, to date, either. I was told my whole life to plan on having issues with conceiving because of my body build and was basically told to plan on possibly never carrying a baby full term. My first was a week over due and my second came 5 days early. My second was also conceived the month I went off BC pills. Never had a period off of the pills. My family's history is that it takes 3-4 months of trying before they get pregnant, and me being the smallest out of the family have conceived 2 of my 3 as soon as I start trying. Size doesn't always matter and you never know how long it can take if you took bc or not. It all just depends on your body.

Good luck on TTC!

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Thanks everyone for your responses! You are all very sweet, and I appreciate you sharing your experiences. It is helpful to me to read your about your experiences.

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Hello. I was on BC pills from 16-23 and went off them in March,allowed myself 1 regular period in April and got pregnant the second cycle in May. My body went back to normal right away. Had my son when i was 24, right back on them until last month. So far my body is acting normally...Good luck-I wouldnt worry to much about your body going back to normal but Id say you are a normal weight for your height arent you? So i wouldnt think that was a issue-and since you are in shape shouldnt be a problem while you are pg either-should make it easier. GL

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I was on BC pills for about 15 years. Started TTC June 2007 and got pregnant April 2008. It took almost 12 cycles (I had 21 days cycles). Good luck on your journey! I'll be joining you in about 7 months.... hope this time will be faster for me!!

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I was on the pill from about age 21-35 so almost 15 years. I am 5'1" and 100lbs. I stopped taking my pills and that very month got pregnant. It was a total shock since I was like you and had heard women having such a hard time getting back on a schedule with AF. My second we tried about 3 months then got PG but it ended in MC. We tried for 2 more months right after and got PG with DD. Then my littlest DS was a wonderful surprise so don't get too anxious yet. Everything may work out just fine.

Oh and PS - never heard of small frame/weight being an issue TTC but I haven't done that much reading.

Good luck!!!!!

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I appreciate everyone's support and encouragement. I really enjoy reading your experiences, and I wish you good luck, too! Thanks so much!

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Welcome, and Good Luck! Sending baby dust your way!

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I hope it happens quickly for you! TTC can be all encompassing for the emotions.

FWIW, I had a friend who was 4'11 and just around 90lbs who got pregnant very easily. She carried her baby to full term and delivered him just fine! A good healthy 9lber too! lol.

Babydust to you!

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I just wanted to say good luck! I've never been on the pill before trying to get pregnant, so I don't have a story or advice Smile

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I had stopped taking the pill about a year ago, and had been on it for close to 10 years by that point. I began charting during the last month of the pill to get into the routine, and continued to chart (to prevent) for about 8 months. By the third chart, it was clearly visible when I ovulated. Although I'm a fair bit taller than you, I'm likely similar on the high/weight ratio at 5'8" and 120ish lbs.

Like I said, I was charting to prevent, not conceive, but the evidence that I was 'capable' of conceiving was right there in the charts after 1 natural cycle. I hope this proves to be the same for you!