Going to hang out here for awhile

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Going to hang out here for awhile

I just weaned my 22 month old daughter and DH and i just had "THE TALK" and we are going to start trying for #4 this summer. I want to lose some more weight so this will be a great way to push myself before we get pg again. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

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Welcome!! Smile

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Welcome! Smile Congrats on nursing 22 months!

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Congrats on your plans, and welcome! If we decide to TTC again, I'm hoping to start this summer also... We'll see Smile

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Hello and welcome! Stay as long as you want! Smile How much weight are you wanting to loose?

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I want to loose like 30 lbs

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Hi! We might TTC #4 this summer, too. Good luck losing the weight.

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Sara! I didn't know you were thinking of TTC again. I was just telling DH last night that thinking of going through the sleepless nights again is really starting to scare me. Especially since I will have a toddler to chase around. I guess you feel like you've recovered from your sleepless nights with Naya? Biggrin I'm excited and I'll be keeping an eye on you!

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Welcome! Yay for #4! A lot of ladies on this board are going to TTC this summer! Look forward to chatting with you!

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Yes Kayla....its easy to forget all about the sleepless nights. I miss the newborn stage and i really miss nursing. I cant wait until you have the baby. I wish we were doing this together again but i hope to be behind you.